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    Cleanout: Unused 640 ml glass beer bottles

    Hi All, I have six boxes of 12 new crown seal 640ml beer bottles. I bought these over a decade ago with the intention of bottling beer. Then I immediately decided to use kegs. These have been stored in the shed ever since. All the boxes are still sealed apart from the one I cut open to take a...
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    Incomplete 3V bewery for sale

    Hi all, some time ago I started collecting bits for a 3V brewery to upgrade from BIAB. Not long after I started I pretty much gave up brewing. The 3V system is never going to happen and its taking up space so its time it went to a home that can use it. I have a welded steel brew stand on...
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    brew gear cleanout, melb east.

    Hi all, I have a few excess bits and pieces to move on. Located in the outer east of Melbourne. 1 large heavy pot. Its 505H x 395DIA which gives 62 Liters. Its heavy at around 3mm stainless steel. Its not commercial, its hand made. I picked it up a few years ago at a market. It has robust...
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    opinions on CB magnetic drive pump

    Is anyone using one of these pumps? im looking for some opinions of them before I pick one up.
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    New brewery in melbournes east.

    I drove down a backstreet in central Croydon this afternoon and passed the public brewery. In Hary Laceys old shed. no net presence yet. licence application curently in the public feedback stage. would be great to have a decent brewery/ bar in my back yard.
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    Places For Food And Beer In Merimbula

    Hi All, we are staying in Merimbula for a week or so and am wondering if anyone here has any recomendations for a good place to head out for a lunch. Also keen to know any good venues for a beer. Cheers, Evan
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    A Thanks To The Forum.

    Evening all. Just a note to the forum as a whole to say thanks for the wealth of information and advice available here. A thanks to the opperators that make it happen, the level headed and knowledgable regulars, the left of field wirdos, the wild ranters and all of us newbies. All grist to the...
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    Cheap Eskys At Big W

    I was at Big W today. they have 62 liter coolers for $99. they are the heavy duty plastic type. the label claims to keep cold for 4 days. seemed like a good deal to me for someone looking for a mash tun. web site says out of stock...
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    Free 330ml Bottles

    Hi all, I have 76 330ml crown seal bottles id like to get rid of. Ive used them for a couple of brews, but have saved anough 500ml bottles and plan to move to kegs anyway. They are all clean and de labled. Most have been baked then sealed with gladwrap. stored in sealed boxes. A few others are...
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    Keggels For Sale

    Gday, I have two 50lt stainless keggels for sale. both have the tops removed. keg 1 has 1 x 3/8 and 1 x 1/2 welded ports on it. comes with a mash master 3" dial temperature gauge, a 3 piece 3/8 SS ball valve and a stainless elbow. Keg 2 has 1 x 3/8 and 2 x 1/2 welded ports. Also comes with a...
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    Bullant Brewery

    Tonight my dad came to visit from bairnsdale and asked if id been to the bullant brewery. I have never heard of it. Anyone in the area been to take a look? I cant see any mention on the forums so far so just thought id point out a new micro...
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    Sad Day. 4th Ever Batch, First Infection

    Hi all, just thought id share for no particular reason. A few weeks ago I made the brew below, Thanks to argon for the recipe.;#entry696753 All went well with the brew, untill i realised that i couldnt find an airlock for the fermenter. I have...
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    What Should I Make

    Gday all. IM looking for suggestions on what i should use these for. I have 5kg of light liquid malt extract, 500g of dark munich, 500g of crystal (114-145 EBC). 50g of hersbrucker pellets 50g hellertau pellets and T58 safbrew yeast. I bought these to make the christmoose ale but didnt get...
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    Kegmate Just a bit silly realy :-)
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    Plum Wine

    Hi all. I'm a new brewer and and never atempted wine. This time of year we get a sudden and short lived glut of plumbs in the neighborhood. Plum sauce and relish are standards but i was considering what else i could do with the fruit. I've seen wine made from flowers and other fruits simply by...
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    Where Can I Buy Barleywine?

    Hi, does anyone know a place in the easturn suburbs of melbourne that sells barleywine? Cheers.