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  1. pbrosnan

    Interesting, funny or odd pics

    Some good old misogyny here.
  2. pbrosnan

    Brewnut Brewing - Electric Brewery Upgrade

    Good looking rig. One question, where's the 30A supply coming from?
  3. pbrosnan

    Smoking Meat...

    Here's a handy link:
  4. pbrosnan

    Introducing AHB Pro

    Beg to differ Nev, I thought the money went to pay for the server space and a bit of Dane's time (administering a site like this is definitely part time work). As it is there isn't, or wasn't, really a product as the posters provided the content free of charge. I expect the strategy is to have...
  5. pbrosnan

    Introducing AHB Pro

    Why was the "member since" text removed?
  6. pbrosnan

    Introducing AHB Pro

    Yes, it's been a journey for me since 2004. At present it appears to have turned into a bit of a magical mystery tour. Good luck with the pro venture, it looks like the fanbios will finally have their own , exclusive club. Well done fellas!
  7. pbrosnan

    Europe In Winter

    Great photographs, thanks for that. Nothing like European beer prices ... I'm off to the low countries and UK in November for a couple of weeks of Chimay++.
  8. pbrosnan

    Tipping In The Usa

    Er ... tipping in the UK sounds exactly the same as tipping here. Anyway, the US is different because they have these kind of set rates. In bars it's very confusing as, if you pay per round, then I kind of just left the money on the bar when I left. But I didn't seem to notice any problems...
  9. pbrosnan

    Wyeast 2001 Pilsener Urquell Strain

    Here's an instructional video that may help identification of the turd shaped conundrum:
  10. pbrosnan

    More Ebay Stock Pots

    Interestingly, if I keep quoting this guy I can continue to post immoderate language ... without actually doing it myself. Surely this is a logical flaw?
  11. pbrosnan

    More Ebay Stock Pots

    ... and I think you're ignoring the recent appeals to moderate language.
  12. pbrosnan

    More Ebay Stock Pots

    Mate, as my fitter mate says, it's stain"less" not "no"rust. You need to clean and store correctly.
  13. pbrosnan

    More Ebay Stock Pots

    Thanks for the heads up, always some good stuff to be had on eBay. And most pots, regardless of the retailer, are sourced from China anyway so it's really only about price/markup.
  14. pbrosnan

    Obama Is A Homebrewer

    Oh God. It's comments like this that throw anything you read on this forum anymore into a dubious light. I'll ask (someone has to) ... Ahem ... have you asked him what those words mean?
  15. pbrosnan

    Ahb - Lets Drop The Profanity

    Watch it fellas, this stinks of a Chief Wiggum style sting operation.
  16. pbrosnan

    Is It Worth Making An Electric Urn?

    If you're only doing 30-40 litre batches and given the difference in price could be as little a 50 bucks and accepting the fact that fabricating an urn has the possibility of not going quite as planned I'd go for the off the shelf option. If you were talking a capacity greater than what you get...
  17. pbrosnan

    Home Brewer Irrational Fear Of Autolysis

    If you stop right there you can add in any number of pieces of advice that are mostly nonsense. Autolysis is unlikely to be a significant cause of off flavours in beer. Just as "scorched wort", while greatly feared, is rarely, if ever, actually reported. I think that most of these mythical fears...
  18. pbrosnan

    Ecu Short Brewing Course

    Yeah, post away. Last year Hugh did the whole thing solo and he comes from a large scale (XXXX) brewing background. Where was the UK from coming from experience-wise?
  19. pbrosnan

    Treatise Against Balance Of Flavours

    1. Can you explain the moron comment? I was just not wanting to distract you noobs from your intercourse. 2. Hmmm ... maybe because I anticipated some intelligent comment. Sadly I was wrong as your comment so admirably demonstrates. Well done sir, on with your circle jerk!
  20. pbrosnan

    Treatise Against Balance Of Flavours

    I think I agree. The main problem would appear to be with the term balance as in "there was enough malt to balance the hops". I take this to mean that the beer has sufficient body to offset the astringency of the hops. But I could be wrong. It could mean that the malts adds sufficient sweetness...