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  1. campo133

    Mad Brewers Hoppy Hefe

    Obviously mate, i was talking about the hop profile, "hoppy" hef.....
  2. campo133

    Mad Brewers Hoppy Hefe

    I saw pallets of the stuff here in launceston in the warehouse. We had an order for the crown cellars in bathurst street for thurs but it didnt arrive. My bet is we will have it on the shelves this week, Iv heard its along the lines of the 8wired saison sauvin.....i hope thats accurate as thats...
  3. campo133

    Imperial Christmas Stout

    Hi mate, I made the following 2 months ago, (20L) 1 x coopers stout 1 x coopers dark ale 1kg dark DME 120g treacle US-05 Fermented at 18deg Its black as pitch, thick, roasty and tastey. I didnt add extra hops to as i think its well bitter enough with the 2 cans. Aroma hops would be a...
  4. campo133

    Launceston Brewer's

    Yeh spot on mate thats me. Shame your going to miss the festival but we should hopefully have some kegged kooinda left to pour at work. Either way its just the beggining of the growlers, $10 bucks for mates rates. Enjoy the trip to bris mate talk to you soon.
  5. campo133

    Launceston Brewer's

    Hey all, Im in launie to and would love to meet some like minded brewers. I work at the crown cellars and we'll be having a stall at the beer fest this weekend, we're all craft beer geeks at the crown. We'll have KOOINDA pale, valhalla golden and there limited release english red ale on tap...
  6. campo133

    Combining Flavors

    Hi mate, I added a stout to a dark ale recently, but i also added a kg of dry dark malt and treacle as well. I like my stouts thick black and rich. If i were you id add your stout can to a can of unhopped amber or dark malt extract. Otherwise i think to hopped cans will be too bitter for you. If...
  7. campo133

    Why Is My Beer So Flat So Quick?

    Thanks guys, yeh normally id leave a month or so before making a judgement but reading neill's thread i noticed he mentioned that his beer was drinkable after 2 weeks and started going down hill after 6. Guess im a bit to eager haha. Ill post up the OG and FG details when i get home and have the...
  8. campo133

    Why Is My Beer So Flat So Quick?

    Hi all, I recently made a 23L batch of niell's centenarillo ale. Followed the recipe exactly and also added 250g steeped crystal. Fermented at 18 degrees. I bulk primed but cant remember how much exactly i used. Its been in the bottles now for two weeks. When pouring the beer seems carbonated...
  9. campo133

    Cherry Stout Recipe/ideas

    Hi all, I have 2kg of nice local tassie cherries in the freezer and was thinking of putting down a cheery stout or dark ale. Iv been brewing extract for a while but havnt had alot of experience making my own recipes, so would love a few suggestions. I was roughly thinking something like 2 x...
  10. campo133

    Hops Particles

    I went to Kmart and bought a few pairs of womens stockings off the discount trolley and have been using them to strain my hops and grains into the fermenter. Stretch over fermenter and hold in place with a rubber band. Simple
  11. campo133

    Everyone Should Make This

    Hi all. Long time reader first time posting. I put this recipe down 5 days ago along with 250g steeped crystal, the boil and wort smelt and tasted fantastic. Gravity is down to 1018 and falling. Cant wait to get this into the bottles and maturing!! Just out of curiosity was wondering if anyone...