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  1. ozdevil

    Oeck - A home brewed next-generation VPN.

    There is reasons why people are using vpns , it may well not be relevent to brewing as such but there is users here that like to keep big brother out of their lives
  2. ozdevil

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    you cant blame kegland for what australia post do star track (being aust post threatening strike action) Aust post are blaming covid 19 still its basicly come to when Aust post feeling like they want to pick up and deliver stuff.. this is not keglands fault
  3. ozdevil

    Off the shelf AG systems

    i would have to agree specially at current prices you can purchase the 65 litre and can expect change from the price grainfather is
  4. ozdevil

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    thanks for responding , i knew these would sell out quick and will try on the next few shipments when they arrive . i can wait it could make a perfect christmas present lol
  5. ozdevil

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Rapt fridges are all sold out Was about to purchase one but the time i had signed in all gone not to worry will get 1 next time or the one after
  6. ozdevil

    Free Home Delivery

    congratulations on your win in that comp and i agree with you the speed and professionism is increddible
  7. ozdevil

    Inkbird ITC-308 WIFI+Brewing heat belt Giveaway+Discount sales

    two great products that aready for the brewer just to plug and play which makes it a good investment for the homebrewer
  8. ozdevil

    Free Home Delivery

    @Gas Guyz i was very sceptical in order gas from you guys i just purchase a sodastream bottle as a swap over i was not expecting 5 minute delivery service , well not 5 minutes but 2 hours after ordering i was actually thinking next day service so as soon as that arrived i ordered a...
  9. ozdevil

    BOEL ITAP Counter pressure bottle filler

    Hey guys if you have set up a Boel Itap how have you done yours I want mine to be portable i'm thinking of buying a old bottlecapper and mounting of that and are they good
  10. ozdevil

    Free Home Delivery

    I was a bit hasty in my thoughts lol.. Whe my co2 bottles get a bit of age in them i will change to these guys
  11. ozdevil

    Gas Guyz Ultimate Gas Bundle Giveaway!

    Subscribed what a great competition and will make life easier for me without leaving home to get refills for my setup
  12. ozdevil

    Free Home Delivery

    i have re thought about this seriouly changing my view so will be looking at going with these guys as soon as my boc bottle is empty
  13. ozdevil

    Free Home Delivery

    55 bucks a hit no thanks
  14. ozdevil

    1800s Cascade Pale Ale recipe

    there is a 1887 cascade xxxk pale ale in the book bronzed brews
  15. ozdevil

    Entire homebrew kit for sale

    @charlie_b sorry for your loss but i think your new play toy wil bring your a lifetime of joy However Seeing though your in Vic this might be a bit of a wait for those looking into purchasing it . as i cant see you wanting to courier it tothe new home and that being we in Vic are only...
  16. ozdevil

    Brew equipment for sale (Adelaide)

    @mtodd possibly the book and the spoon
  17. ozdevil

    Brew equipment for sale (Adelaide)

    @mtodd are you prepared to seperate any of the items?
  18. ozdevil

    Inkbird Giveaway on ITC-308 WIFI Temp Controller Thermostat !

    yes please inkbird is simply the best
  19. ozdevil

    Inkbird giveaway and new thermostat ITC-306T wifi releasing !

    count me in as well , love ya work inkbird
  20. ozdevil

    Bravo or Magnum

    My question is would magnum hops be a good substitute for Bravo hops I have magnum hops in my freezer and i am not wanting to make a single purchase just on bravo hops as postage not worth it. I'm stepping down from an A.G brew and i havent put this recipe in brewfather or beersmith but...