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    First time Stout - Choc-Mulberry Imperial/Double Stout

    Perusing extract/kit&Kilo recipes for an Imperial Stout using some Mulberries I've got access to. Keen on some feedback on the following recipe... Brewed to 21L. Malt bill: 3.4kg Light LME 2kg Dark DME 500gm Caramalt 200gm Chocolate Malt 100gm Carafa 100gm Roasted Barley 100gm Black Patent...
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    Kit and Kilo Rye IPA Recipe

    Love me a Stockade 8Bit IPA so want to look at doing a Rye IPA as part of my next batch. Sticking to kit and kilo brewing for the time being and keen for some feedback on the following recipe. 3.4kg Generic Unhopped Light LME 700gm Light Chrystal 400gm Rye Caramel Malt 400gm CaraVienna Hop...
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    IPA and Porter recipes: steeping grain

    Done a couple of extract only batches as an introduction to brewing with some dry hop additions and looking try steeping some grain into the next batch of brews. After advice or recipe suggestions for an IPA and a Porter. For the IPA I was looking at the following 1.7kg Black Rock Pale Ale...