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  1. Paulielow

    Black Mold In Thread

    I think it happened when I covered the top of the fermenter with face towel to block the light...
  2. Paulielow

    Black Mold In Thread

    No it'll be something simple they didn't think of originally... :P But I bought these fermenters off eBay so they got a good bleaching and I sanitised well before using them. But I think I'm going to be getting some starsan soon
  3. Paulielow

    Black Mold In Thread

    There was no spillage to speak off but about day 3 a gave it a little agitation to help it along.
  4. Paulielow

    Black Mold In Thread

    No mate all I did was bleach the family tub then rinse like a bastard and spray with sanitiser then fill with water and change out frozen bottles to keep the temp down.. lowest I got was 16*C and highest was about 22*C, the room got upto about 31*C. I'm pretty pedantic so if I thought of it I...
  5. Paulielow

    Black Mold In Thread

    What without an airlock?
  6. Paulielow

    Black Mold In Thread

    No there draped over the top and are mostly submerged in the water bath to keep it cool. There opaque plastic fermenters are you sure they keep light out
  7. Paulielow

    Black Mold In Thread

    Ok back on they go. Cheers
  8. Paulielow

    Black Mold In Thread

    Originally they were for temp control and to keep light out but they've only got 2 days left to ferment till cc so a little light won't hurt will it...
  9. Paulielow

    Black Mold In Thread

    Ok thanks guys now I'll be able to sleep tonight :icon_cheers: .... Should I take the jumpers of the fermenter?
  10. Paulielow

    Black Mold In Thread

    Came home to find this mold in the thread of my fermenter. It looks like its all on the thread and not inside, the beer looks ok but will this effect my beer? Should I rack and cc as soon as possible? Still drinkable?
  11. Paulielow

    Underwood Bris: Crown Seal Tallies

    Just messaging my mate to see if he can pick them up...
  12. Paulielow

    Food & Beer Pairing - Are They Serious?

    What no one here's had a pint of Guinness and a Irish stew..... :icon_cheers:
  13. Paulielow

    Coffs Hbr - Fs: Bottles And Bench Capper

    Hey all I've got some surplus equipment that I dont require, there's 30 600ml brown pet bottles and a bench capper. Now I don't actually want to sell as much as trade for an immersion chiller..... Or if I can't get one of them a few different bottles of home brew would be nice so I can see what...
  14. Paulielow

    Fs: 300l Wine Barrels

    BYB can you still get these barrels if freight is organised? Are they ok to brew in? How big are they? Cheers paulie :beer:
  15. Paulielow

    Whats In The Glass

    And my easy pale ale.
  16. Paulielow

    What Does Your Wort Smell Like

    I thought my first boil smelt like a big cup of tea.... My family didn't agree
  17. Paulielow

    Whats In The Glass

    My first stout.....
  18. Paulielow

    Mosman NSW - FS - My Brewing Stuff To Move To The Us

    I just sent you a message on eBay about your fermenter what time you leaving Monday? I'm still watching it and id like the immersion chiller too how much you want and ill put that as my max bid on eBay if I can have the chiller too.
  19. Paulielow

    Banana Beer... Any Thoughts

    Ok as it turns out if you boil bananas then refridgerate them the pectin coagulates and forms clumps... I suppose its better to happen now than when I put it in beer. I got 10L of liquid from this with an SG of 1.060 so if I add another 10L water I should get an SG of 1.030, is this how it...