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  1. kario

    FS : Flostar Stainless Steel Ball valve - Sydney

    Brand new, with washers, grommets, barb, pictured....ready to fit. $30 Pickup from Dundas Valley 2117 or Macquarie Park 2113.
  2. kario

    FS: MaltMuncher Grain Mill - Sydney

    Had for a couple years, never used. Has some surface rust on one side of the crank which is cosmetic only.....operates fine.......see pics $100 Pickup from 2117 Dundas Valley or 2113 Macquarie Park Their Marketing Blurb.... The MaltMuncher Grain Mill is constructed using materials that will...
  3. kario

    Letter To Mrs Gillard

    Dear Ms. Gillard, Please find below our suggestion for fixing Australia 's economy. Instead of giving billions of dollars to banks that will squander the money on lavish parties and unearned bonuses, use the following plan.. It's a 5 billion dollar plan....You can call it the Patriotic...
  4. kario

    Recent Studies On Beer Consumption!

    This is alarming! Beer contains female hormones! Yes, that's right, FEMALE hormones! Last month, Montreal University and scientists released the results of a recent analysis that revealed the presence of female hormones in beer. Men should take a concerned look at their beer consumption. The...
  5. kario

    Lemonade - What Yeast? -opinins Please-

    Howdy all, For those with little patience, the question is.....what yeast would you use for an alcoholic lemonade? For those interested in how I'm doing it, read on. I'm in the process of making an alcoholic lemonade (being interrupted by work). I've read lots about it and have adopted bits...
  6. kario

    Lesser Of Two Evils? Opinions Appreciated.

    Situation: I have two kits on: 1. Coopers Wheat: 1.5Kg LME - 8 days in - OG 1.050 - SG 1.012 2. Coopers Stout: - 1.5Kg DME - 250gm Dex (added day 4) - 8 days in - OG 1.050 - SG 1.014 Haven't taken a hydro reading prior to tonight. Both are still bubbly in the hydrometer tube (taste almost...
  7. kario

    Is It Ready?

    Fellow brewers, I have a batch of Tooheys Dry Lager kit that has been going for 10 days. Kit can says fermentation should be finished in 4-7 days. Mixed with 1kg of Tooheys liquid brewing sugar (recommended) to 23L. Has been at a steady 20degC the whole time. It is still bubling ve-e-e-ry...
  8. kario

    First Brew Failure! - Salvagable?

    Howdy all, My first brew seems to have failed....I'm just not quite sure if it's worth bothering to salvage. Here's the detail: (note that I did not get a hydrometer initially with my kit as the store was out and told me I won't need it for the first week till they got them in) Anyways...