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  1. Sprungmonkey

    Grain Father series (1) Brisbane CBD

    Interested in kegs if u split anything
  2. Sprungmonkey

    Complete Brewing Kit

    Interested in kegs depending on price and location
  3. Sprungmonkey

    Brisbane BB March

    Legend mate
  4. Sprungmonkey

    Brisbane BB March

    Paid . Cheers brisie
  5. Sprungmonkey

    Brisbane BB March

    Sweet done ( added a bag of pils too - hopefully that's all good
  6. Sprungmonkey

    Brisbane BB March

    Having trouble with this on my phone - I'll have a look on my computer first thing tomorrow morning.
  7. Sprungmonkey

    Brisbane BB March

    Keen for Northside too
  8. Sprungmonkey

    Brisbane BB March

    Just fixed mine up
  9. Sprungmonkey

    Brisbane BB March

    Brisie 3x bb ale 1x bb wheat 1x ? =5 Samuel Adams 1x Wey Pils, 1x BB Ale =2 Coollinz 1 x bb ale, 1 x bb wheat, 1 x wey pils =3 jameson 3 TBA =3 Kalingabrewers 1x bag gladfields American pale ale, 1x bag Maris otter =2 Adbrewer 2 x BB Ale, 1 x BB Wheat =2 RyanBotla 3x BB Pale, 1x BB Ale =4...
  10. Sprungmonkey

    Brisbane BB March

    I'll be keen for 1 BB wheat
  11. Sprungmonkey

    FS: March 815PLC magnetic drive pump with hoses ($250, SYD)

    I can’t seem to pm u - still available- where in Sydney are u?
  12. Sprungmonkey

    Big Sale / home brew / distill /

    Keen on pump depending on type price and location
  13. Sprungmonkey

    Inkbird Giveaway! Open to All!

    I’m in - try my luck - cheers
  14. Sprungmonkey

    Milling Grain

    I always work off 1/3 husk 1/3 starchy endosperm 1/3 flour
  15. Sprungmonkey

    Glycol chiller for sale

    I use it to cool my wort - the last bit anyhow
  16. Sprungmonkey

    Glycol chiller for sale

    These are an ice bank - I have one myself. Depending on the size . They are worth between 2 and 4 k new. They are awesome. Only need to fill with water. They get from room temp to freezing around the coils in 15 mins- looks like it comes with coils and python insulation as well? That's a bargain...
  17. Sprungmonkey

    BNE : free gas brew stand

    Bugger someone grabbed it on the wkend. [emoji47]
  18. Sprungmonkey

    BNE : free gas brew stand

    PM"ed u - hopefully u got my messages