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    Australian Amateur Brewing Championship

    Australian Amateur Brewing Championship Olims Hotel, Canberra, 23-24th October 2009 Packages for Interstate Judges, Stewards and Visitors Dear fellow brewer and beer lover, 24 June 2009 The organising committee of AABC09 is pleased to announce details of accommodation packages for...
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    Canberra Brewers, Meeting Tonight

    Canberra brewers club meeting tonight Thursday 4th June, as part of our education program we have a demonstration on building and using counter pressure fillers, the CPF will then be raffled as part of our monthly raffles. The club meets on the first Thursday of every month, at The Harmonie...
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    Aaba 2009

    AABC 2009 Program The Canberra Brewers has put together a great two days of judging, tours and good fellowship for the 2009 AABC. Here's what we have planned so far - more details to follow as the competition grows nearer. Please find web page...
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    Canberra Meeting

    Canberra brewers club meeting Thursday 2nd April, as part of our education program we have a talk on recipe formulation. Richard Pass (original brewer at the Wig & Pen) will talk about designing recipes. The club meets on the first Thursday of every month, at The Harmonie German Club 49...
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    Canberra Brewers Meeting Tonight

    For those who are interested the Canberra brewers meeting is on tonight. Head Brewer Richard Watkins from the Wig and Pen will be giving a talk on all things kegging, come along have a beer. The club meets on the first Thursday of every month, at The Harmonie German Club 49 Jerrabomberra Avenue...
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    Fridge For Sale Canberra

    GDay Brewers I have up for sale a Westinghouse 415l upside down frost free fridge. The fridge is in perfect working order, nice and clean. This fridge would suit the family home as an inside fridge or as a beer fridge, with hop storage. If you are interested give me a call on 0409906544. $200...
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    Canberra Brew Day

    G'Day all I will be holding a brew demo this Saturday 15th, mashing in at 9:30 sharp. Anyone interested drop me a PM for address and phone number. Craig
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    Wig & Pen's Russian Imperial Stout

    I was in at the Wig & Pen lunchtime yesterday having a beer with Richard the head brewer and the Russian imperial stout has just come on tap. I think this is even better than last years at 11% it is very drinkable Stagger
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    Kit Beer Bos At The Nationals

    I had a beer with Dan last night, and we got to talking about our beers in the nationals. Dan to my surprise told me that his beer (RIS) that won BEER OF SHOW at the nationals was made from 3 kits, this was Dans last kit before he made the leap to all grain. I must admit I was a little taken...
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    Help! No Crystal

    Just doing my grain for my brew day and don't have enough Crystal (light) whats a good replacement? Stagger
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    Oxidation In Plastic Bottles

    Has anybody had any problem using the plastic (coppers) style bottles for comps. In Particular oxidation problems. Stagger
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    Top 10 Thoughts For 2005

    Top 10 Thoughts for 2005 Number 10 - Life is sexually transmitted. Number 9 - Health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die. Number 8 - Men have two emotions: Hungry and Horny. If you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich! Number 7 - Give a person a fish and you...
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    Hop Calculations In Promash

    I am having a problems with promash and need some help In systems settings hop calculations, Utilization and storage what is the setting for Hop IBU Formula by: is it Rager Garetz Tinseth Or Generic I have put a recipe in to promash with it set on Rager and it comes out a lot higher then the...
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    Grain Mill For Sale

    I am in the process of making 4 new grain mills to sell; these are fully adjustable by adjusting the two screws at the front. I have been using one i made couple of years ago and its still going strong. The Two s/s knurled rollers are knurled with a straight knurl and are 50mm in diameter. If...
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    Canberra's Oktoberfest

    Gent's for those Canberra brewers that are not in the Canberra Brew Club and might be interrested in comming to the Oktoberfest on the 29th tomorrow week, get out your German cook books to cook up a storm. I will have a BBQ going and if others could bring some goodies for all to enjoy, I will...
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    Filling Aluminium Soda Stream Bottles

    I have made adapters to fill the old steel bottles but know trying to get information on filling the aluminium ones. On the old steel bottles there is a bleed valve on the brass collar, but I cant find a bleed on the aluminium ones, there is a small hole that runs through the neck with...
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    C02 To Soda Stream

    I use my adapter I made to fill soda stream bottles last night, I have two steel bottles and wanted to fill them my self, to save time and money. I machined up 2 adapters to adapted C02 bottle to the filler hose and the filler hose to soda stream bottle. After attaching the hose to the C02...
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    Funny But True

    Funny but true Try your luck
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    What A Stuff-up

    On Saturday i had some guys over to have a look at all grain brewing, the brew went very well, we were discussion the in and out of all grain brewing. When the first hop addition was ready to go in I went to the fridge to get it, had a glance at the recipe and measured out the hops. What the...
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    Keg Cutting Party Keg

    I am just about to cut a keg down and re-weld a base in, I would like to use it for a party keg but not sure to what size to cut it. I would like to use it with in one or two nights at the most, I know it depends on how much you drink. My question is, if you had the chance to cut a keg to...