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  1. sixfignig

    [BNE/GC] KegLand Cannular - Can Seamer

    Looking to offload my KegLand Cannular Can Seaming Machine: In excellent condition - I've run about 250 cans through it, the seam rollers are in good alignment and working well. Happy to demonstrate it's use to any...
  2. sixfignig

    [BNIB] SS Brewtech Brewmaster Fermenter - $250 Gold Coast

    Brand new sealed in box, unwanted prize from a competition. These sell at most retailers for $329 in Aus. $250 firm, pickup Gold Coast.
  3. sixfignig

    [GC] SOGA 50L pot and 4500w Ripple Element

    Brand new, bought for a project that I've since abandoned. Very high quality pot (not those cheapie thin ones from eBay). SOGA Stock Pot 50Lt Top Grade Thick Stainless Steel 40CM $120 DENORD 4500w 1"...
  4. sixfignig

    [Gold Coast] 50L & 70L pots and 4500w Ripple Element

    Brand new, bought for a project that I've since abandoned. Very high quality pots (not those cheapie thin ones from eBay). SOGA Stock Pot 50Lt Top Grade Thick Stainless Steel 40CM $120 SOGA Stock Pot...
  5. sixfignig

    Splitting a 20A socket

    I have a single socket 20A circuit installed in my garage, which is placed conveniently for brewing. I'd love to be able to use it to power two separate 10A appliances (a 2200w element, and a 2200w element through a Grainfather Controller). Is it possible to have a qualified sparky knock up a...
  6. sixfignig

    FS: 1V Recirculation System (Electric Kettle, Malt Pipe, Pump, IC Chil

    Getting gifted a Grainfather, so selling my home-made 1V Recirculation system. Kettle 40L SS eBay Pot (pin sized hole just developed at handle and leaks - $50 to replace entire pot or could tack a weld on if you're handy?) Keg King 2200w Element SS Ball Valve with Barb and right-angle pickup...
  7. sixfignig

    Slow Recirculation Issue (New 1V System)

    Recently upgraded my setup to be a 1V recirculation eBIAB rig. Rough diagram: (the grain pipe is lined with a bag): I've done two brews on it now, and both times has been incredibly slow to drain through once the grainbed has settled. On the first brew I had to kill the...
  8. sixfignig

    9.5L Ball Lock Mini Keg - Sell or Trade for 19L Keg (Gold Coast)

    Have a 9.5L ball lock keg for sale or swap ( Straight sale: $90 Swap: Will trade for a ready-to-use 19L ball clock in excellent condition (perfect seals, clean, no dings or major scratches, as close to new as possible...
  9. sixfignig

    Replacement screw in shanks for Cobra font?

    Recently picked up a second hand kegerator. I pulled it all apart and gave everything a good cleaning because it was horrifically gunked up. During cleaning I noticed the bores of the shanks were very rough and could cause foaming issues. It is a non-flooded two tap Cobra type font on it like...
  10. sixfignig

    3 x Kegs, 200L Chest Freezer, Gas Bottle, Regulator, Taps (Gold Coast)

    Clearing out some excess items. Pickup on the Gold Coast. 3 x Ball Lock Kegs - $80 each or all three for $220 Good condition overall. Will need a clean before use but can soak them in NaPerc if you want. Seals seem ok but might need a few newies. 200L Chest Freezer - $180 Excellent condition...
  11. sixfignig

    [GC] 9.5L Keg - $90 or swap for 19L keg

    For sale or trade is a 9.5L cornelius style stainless steel keg with ball locks. Keg in excellent condition with mostly new seals, ready for use. Will swap for a very good condition 19L keg or 200L+ chest freezer (plus cash on my end). Straight sale at $90, pickup in Pimpama.
  12. sixfignig

    FS: 2 x Pin Lock kegs $70 each (Gold Coast)

    Both in good condition, no major dings. Will require a a quick clean and new seals. If you take both I'll throw in a set of disconnects. Will add some photos later tonight.
  13. sixfignig

    Considering developing a homebrew recipe database...

    I've only very recently dived into the world of homebrewing and am very much enjoying my new hobby. As per the title I'm considering making an Australian based homebrew recipe database as a bit of a side project to help hone my web development skills as well as learning more about brewing. I...
  14. sixfignig

    First AG BIAB Brew Day Results

    Just finished putting down my first AG BIAB after spending about a month or so of reading into the topic and assembling my equipment. Overall I'm pretty happy with how it all went considering it was my first brew, but ran into a few issues that I wouldn't mind your comments on. Due to my...
  15. sixfignig

    A few small batch BIAB questions [first time brewer]

    I'm about to dive head first into small batch BIAB, but as I'm still a beginner have a few questions I'd like to clarify. For my first batch I’ll be following an APA recipe scaled down in BeerSmith to suit my equipment, the aim being a 12L (or potentially 9L depending on keg) batch size. A...