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  1. Bushbear

    What are you listening to

    Makes me want some toast now
  2. Bushbear

    Inkbird giveaway and New product releasing humidity controller IHC-200 WIFI

    I would love to be able to adjust humidity without opening doors
  3. Bushbear

    Inkbird Giveaway on Heating Pad for Home Brewing Seedling Reptile Fish

    Count me in I would love to win a safe and reliable heater for the fridge.
  4. Bushbear

    【New Products Releasing】Inkbird Giveaway of New BBQ Thermometer Pen and Homebrew Heating Pad

    I am in please for the INKBIRD Sub-brand Homebrew Heating Pad
  5. Bushbear

    Something wrong with regulator?

    Hi just wanted to clarify post 12 you said the gas was venting through the pressure release valve. If the gas is venting through the PRV I would suggest trying to clean the PRV (or replace if possible) but if the gas is venting through the body of the regulator then all previous advice is spot on.
  6. Bushbear

    Continuing Jokes Thread

    A woman asks her husband at breakfast time, "Would you like some bacon and eggs, a slice of toast, and maybe some grapefruit juice and coffee?" He declines. "Thanks for asking, but I'm not hungry right now. It's this Viagra," he says. its really taken the edge off my appetite." At...
  7. Bushbear

    Keg King Conversation

    Hi @Keg King I am just letting you know of a fault I had with one of your keg lids. This keg would be a couple of years old by now but this is only my second time using it (it is a party keg). I bought the 9.5Litre keg from a store in Maitland. After emptying the keg I found one of the...
  8. Bushbear

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I would get four sets as well.:)
  9. Bushbear

    Continuing Jokes Thread

    “We’re looking for a Treasurer for the Xmas fund”, said Paddy. “Didn’t you take on a new one last month?” said Murphy. “That’s the one we’re looking for”, Paddy replied
  10. Bushbear

    All About Canning - Cannular Can Seamers and More...

    I am interested in this but only just into kegging so will have to leave it a bit longer to take the plung. I found this link that demonstrates one canning method which answers a lot of questions asked here. The machine is not the ones seen in Australia but his method seems to be a good one...
  11. Bushbear

    Continuing Jokes Thread

    For those who believe in horoscopes this is serious! During his routine medical check, Paddy asked the doctor, "Do you think I'll live a long and healthy life?" "I doubt it", said the doctor, "Mercury is in Uranus right now." Paddy said, "I don't go in for any of that astrology nonsense."...
  12. Bushbear

    Lets compare, I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

    Just a reminder, the NSW government is still the major (51%) shareholder of the electricity retailers so they are in a position to lower prices if they really wanted to, but that would reduce their dividends. The biggest problem with the electricity network is the power generation companies...