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    Sodastream adaptor

    I use a tee piece with two non return valves, so if the 2 kegs are at different carbonation levels, they won't impact on each other
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    Sodastream adaptor

    Yes, and you can back off the knob on top, so that the valve is closed while you are connecting the cylinder, then open it when the cylinder is screwed in, that way you won't lose the contents of the cylinder while connecting it, I'll post a photo in a bit
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    Sodastream adaptor

    I use one similar to this for connecting a sodastream cylinder in restricted space. #Aliexpress € 23,56 41%OFF | Sodastream CO2 Mini Gas Charger 0-90 PSI Gauge for Soda Water Beer Kegerator Beer Homebrew Home Brew CO2 Regulator Charger Kit https://a.aliexpress.com/_s3uiQA