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    My first extract brew

    So I wanted to try out something else than k&k and a mate came over with a recipe and we had at it. I'm not sure what it's called, a "mini boil" maybe, 5l boil for a 20l batch. I wanted to keep it simple as it was my first time tipping my toe in this whole boil business. 3kg DLME US-05 700g dex...
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    Old beer kit yeast as nutrient in cider?

    There has been talk of using old kit yeast as nutrient in beers, but how about ciders? Would it be unthinkable to boil old ale kit yeasts to serve as nutrient? Does this even work or am I completely off the rails here? Any ill effects in taste? Using EC1118 and I want to piggyback on the old...
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    Losing interest, what to do... Help!

    Fellow brewers, Brewing has been a downward spiral of interest for me lately and I'm lost. I mostly do kits and ciders due to time constraints and love it, but lately even putting down a kit seems like an overwhelming exercise. I have one ferm with cider going but the other one is sitting there...
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    Laggy EC-1118, bad batch?

    So I put down a batch of cider last night in a 5l demi and to my surprise found it struggling this morning. I've done 10+ of these (just here and there when all FVs are busy) with the same usual method, rehydrate at ~40c as per packet instructions and dump in once cooled down not to shock it too...
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    Starting out again, looking for basics in Hobart

    Hi, just moved interstate and got rid of all my brewing kit a couple of years ago, so I'm looking at starting up again... And have no kit. I'm sure I'll find what I need at the local homebrew store, but just wondering if anyone around Hobart is looking at getting rid of some equipment, if so...