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  1. nic0

    Hops May Prevent Certain Types Of Cancer

    Got the link from slashdot, have a look. http://www.biologynews.net/archives/2005/1...g_interest.html Sounds like another reason to have a beer. Nico
  2. nic0

    Beer Lines

    I am getting alot of froth when I pour beer from my keg system. I have been using chilled glasses and I have tried a range of pressures from 20 to 150 kPa. The brew shop I bought the system from recommends dispencing at 50 kPa. The beer line supplied with my system is only 180 cm long and has an...
  3. nic0

    Keg Fridge

    I just got a 20 year old Phillips fridge that I am going to use as a keg fridge, I am going to mount the taps on the door. As far as the gas bottle goes, do you guys put the bottle in the fridge with your kegs (it only a small 3 kg one) or drill a hole in the side for the gas line. What is the...