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    Fundamentals Of Brewing And Packaging

    Im studying for the IBD Fundamentals and i was wondering if anyone has taken this exam? I haven't found very much new information aside from some of the large scale equipment. Have i not yet reached the hard part or is this course really fundamental?
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    Carbonic Acid

    Carbonic acid is created when co2 goes into solution. So would all the acid leave solution if the beer is allowed to go flat or would some remain? For example a beer is over carbonated and then carbonation level is lowered. Would that beer have a higher carbonic acid level than the same beer...
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    Ibu's From Non-hop Sources

    In ye olde days many beers were brewed without hops using other herbs for bittering, flavour and other properties (medicinal or recreational) So 2 main questions: 1. Im assuming that most of these herbs/spices would contain a different bittering compound to iso alpha acid (hops) so could they...
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    Prickly Pear Fruit Or Juice

    Trying to find somewhere to get prickly pear juice or fruit. I have come across some recipes for prickly pear wine and i thought it might make an interesting fruit addition to something. I have found the juice for sale as some kind of miracle health drink from the states but it is seriously...
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    Lauter Tun Rakes

    This may seem like a stupid question to those who already know the answer but what do the rake arms in a lauter tun do? The IBD notes that i'm looking at have basically the same description and picture (aside from the rakes in the picture) for both the mash/lauter tun and the lauter tun with no...
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    Fermentability Of Large Sugars

    I am currently studying brewing and i have yet to find a professional/scientific reference to the fermentability of maltotetraose with lager yeast, only distillers yeast. I have come across many home-brew books that mention that only lager yeast can utilise maltotetriose. Similarly i have found...
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    Freeze Concentrating Mead

    Im just starting to fool around with meads and i was wondering if anyone has tried freeze concentrating? I figure the process would be similar to an ice-bock and the amount that you would concentrate would depend on the original strength of the mead. Has anyone tried this? or are there any...
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    Urn(ish) Design

    Hey all, I have been throwing around some ideas for a compact BIAB system. I live in an apartment that is at its crap capacity, so small is essential. I do occasionally run a regular old all grain system with my dad at his place but finding free time to go visit is an issue once you add...
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    Lillipilly In Brew

    A few question in one post. 1. Has anyone tried using lilly pilly's in a brew? If you have: 1.a.) how did they turn out? 1.b.) how potent are they for flavoring a brew (i.e how much did you use) Not having any fresh fruit available (out of season) all i have is some home made lilly pilly...