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  1. yeungnut

    Herms Brewery for Sale

    I am relisting my Herms for sale. Open to offers but looking around the $500 mark which is what the stand cost alone. PM me if interested.
  2. yeungnut

    Herms Brewery for Sale

    Ok, I will drop the asking price to $1000 and also include a water filter which attaches to the frame. This has a colder disconnect so that you can fill the hlt and mash tun directly if you want. I will also include a second pump which you can see behind the first pump which also has colder...
  3. yeungnut

    Herms Brewery for Sale

    I am sadly selling my HERMs brewery, which produces crystal clear wort, as I have down sized to producing smaller batches. Selling as a complete system only. Included in the sale: · Custom built 2 tier brew stand with natural gas Mongolian burner with regulator (never run out of gas during...
  4. yeungnut

    Australian National Homebrew Conference 2018

    Excellent event! Can't wait.
  5. yeungnut

    Vic August Grain Bulk Buy - EOI

    Yeah, Pretty sure I have the Organic Pils. I have shot you a PM. Cheers
  6. yeungnut

    Melbourne Pairing Dinner (Food & beer pairing ANHC 30th August, 20

    Hi Guys, Just a reminder ticket sales close today. Don't miss out on this excellent event!
  7. yeungnut

    PicoBrew Zymatic: the Automatic Beer Brewing Appliance

    True, conversion isn't difficult but it will be a pain looking at the screen and seeing the mash temps in Fahrenheit. Even cheap scales have the ability to do both. I would have thought a product being designed from the ground up that it would have been a given if it was being sold to an...
  8. yeungnut

    PicoBrew Zymatic: the Automatic Beer Brewing Appliance

    Hi Guys, For those of you that have purchased over here. It is disappointing that these units don't use or have the ability to use metric units, which for the small volumes will be a pain. You may want to raise this with the company.
  9. yeungnut

    Keg bulk buy

    Dave, Great job. The kegs are great. Cheers, Phil
  10. yeungnut

    Keg bulk buy

    Thanks Dave for the organising. I know from past experience it is a lot of work. Payment made. Cheers, Phil CILA
  11. yeungnut

    Keg bulk buy

    Same with me I have not received a response and would also like to make payment and to be added to the list. Has anyone else got the account details and can PM to us. Cheers, Phil
  12. yeungnut

    Keg bulk buy

    Hi Dave, Could you put me down for 2 of the KK 9.5l and I will trasfer today once I get your details and pick up at G&G. Thanks for organising the bb. Cheers, Phil
  13. yeungnut

    Melbourne: Grain Bulk Buy - March 2014

    Hi Guys, Anyone out Essendon/Brunswick way who is purchasing grain and could pick up a couple of bags for me on the day and then I could pick them up from them. Unfortunately I will be in Canberra on the 15th checking out the venue for ANHC 2014 so can't make pickup. Cheers, Phil
  14. yeungnut

    Anhc 2012

    For all of those lucky ones going to ANHC next month there is a discount on offer to the Microbrewery Showcase. There is also a Hair of The Dog Breakie on the Sunday at Beerdeluxe. Check it out here. http://www.anhc.com.au/index.php/events/micro-showcase Cheers :D
  15. yeungnut

    Anhc 2012

    :chug: :D This was also sent out at the start of the month. Were Back! Planning for the next ANHC in October is well underway and the Committee is working hard to make the next Conference bigger and better than the last. Aside from our international keynote speakers we have a few places...
  16. yeungnut

    Anhc 2012

    You need to register to receive info from the anhc committee for the next conference. Hopefully Andy can give an update on the progress with anhc three. Cheers, Phil If you thought the Australian homebrewing scene couldnt get stronger, brace yourself as ANHC three is launched... tripel...
  17. yeungnut

    50% Off 4 Or 6 Packs At 1st Choice If You Check In Using Foursquare

    You can print out the add and take it into Dans. They price match. Got a 6 pack of Grimbergen for $12.50 Sweet! Cheers, CILA
  18. yeungnut

    Getting Out Of The Game Sale

    PM sent re fermenter
  19. yeungnut

    Hop Rhizomes For Next Year.

    I'd be interested in a cascade, saaz, tet Cheers, Phil
  20. yeungnut

    Fs: Test Tube Packages (20x Tubes, Rack, 20x Stoppers)

    I'll take 2 if you still have some available. Will email details Cheers, Phil