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  1. yochris77


    Free (or swap for one of your most bestest brews). I live at redcliffe, work at brendale and spend some time driving around north Brisbane from time to time so can possibly meet up somewhere.
  2. yochris77

    Der Stammtisch

    Located in North Lakes (North Brisbane). Anyone been? Thoughts? If no, I might have to check it out. If yes, I might have to check it out!
  3. yochris77

    Rest between mash and boil

    What would the possible implications of not immediately transferring the mash to boil? In an attempt to avoid death by SWMBO I had to walk away from brew after mash complete. Tun (cooler esky) has a well fitting lid on it with minimal head space. Grain has been removed.
  4. yochris77


    Hi, Been lurking for a little while. Lots of great info here - Many thanks to all. About to take the dive into AG starting with BIAB. Don't know how I am going to find time to do this but looking forward to it! Cheers Chris