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    Copper chiller

    I have a copper chiller coil that I obviously use to cool wort down quickly. I've found that I can get the temp down from 100ish to 60 really fast, with out flushing to much water through is. From 60 to 40or30 takes ages. Any suggestions to speed this up a little. I'm just using hose water...
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    Brew day variations

    Started a batch an hour ago, my original plan was: 24L batch size OG 1.053 FG 1.013 5.21% ABV IBU 39.2 Pale malt 4kg Munich 1kg Crystal 10 .350g Wheat .350g Chinook 5g+ek goldings 10g 60m Chinook 10g + cascade 10g 20min Chinook 10g + cascade 10g 10min Chinook 15g + cascade 15g Dry hop. When I...
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    DIPA - to pitch or not to pitch ?

    Over the weekend I brewed a double IPA. I had a heap of different hops with only 10grams or so left in each bag, so thought I would make a super hopped IPA. The IBUs ended up around 75 (i hope the cara and chocolate grain will show their tastes in the end). However after chilling the wort to...
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    Recipe help/ideas please

    Hi all, I am thinking of brewing a 23ltr batch this arvo. I wont have time to stop into the local brew shop, however I would like some of your generous ideas on what to brew given my inventory as listed below. bohemian larger yeast (wyeast) safale us-04 williment hops 60gish mosaic hops...
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    Redback wheat beer attempt, topped up with hop tea...

    So... I recently attempted a clone of the Matilda bay redback wheat beer, I settled on this recipe. Redback Pale Ale wheat Recipe Specs Original Gravity Final Gravity Colour (SRM / EBC) Bitterness Alcohol by Volume 1.048...
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    bulk grain buy in brisbane

    Is any one keen on doing another bulk grain buy up in brizy ? My stocks are low, and the thirsty season is approaching. I have never organised one of these, so I may not be the best person to sort it out, but I'm keen to help in any way.
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    Roasting grains ?

    Say I bought a sack of light or pils grains, can I throw an amount of grains in the oven, and get a darker or chocolate version? I put that question crudely to get my point accross. But hopefuly you get the drift....potentionaly you can buy one sack of grain and get multiple flavours from it...
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    Ever had a beer that tastes better half way through fermentation ?

    Have you ever tried a beer half way through fermentation and loved the taste ? Only to try that same beer a few days later to find the flavour has changed ? Some times it changes for the better and sadly some times not... I currently have two beers under fermentation and love the taste of one...
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    Question: How much grain for a concentrated wort ?

    Hi all, I have been brewing for a little while now, mainly kit and extract and partial brews... I would like to move on, or experiment, with all grain, or even an 80% grain brew. I would like to replace the kit 'cans' with a grain mash. However, my equipment is very basic. I have all your...
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    My new keg/brewing set up

    My new side by side fridge. I am an electrician, and I picked this up off a client as it was 'broken' (needed thermostats and a evap fan motor replaced), I replaced the thermostats with the digital ones you can see on the front door, to give me the greater temp range and control. Added 2 corny...
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    Party kegs wanted

    Hi all, I am after a 9LTR or a 11LTR keg if any one has 1 or 2 they would like to sell I would be interested. Thanks