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  1. macr

    Research (james Squire)

    I have not posted on this forum in quite a while , but thought I would post some information on my research project on James Squire and brewing during the convict period of Australia. Firstly James Squire. I have created a Wikipedia page on James Squire recently. Yes you may say that there is...
  2. macr

    For The Expats Living In England

    Drink: The History of Alcohol 1690-1920 14 June 2006 - 31 March 2007 Free exhibition in The National Archives Museum This exhibition traces the history of beer and spirits. It will examine how successive governments have regulated the industry through taxation, and attempts by Customs Officers...
  3. macr

    What Could This Be?

    I have a extract pils that I have just racked and moved into lagering stage, but when I opened the lid this stuff was floating on the top. It appears slimey. There seems to be no off smell, so I was wondering if it is just hops. Any ideas?
  4. macr

    A Piece Of History

    I went to the John Lycett (Convict artist) showing at Newcastle art gallery yesterday and one of his water colours from 1825 was of an estate at kissing point. That estate was of one James Squires. The description told of his hop growing and his beer selling amongst other things. History buffs...
  5. macr

    All Set To Go, But.....

    Ok. I have finished my fridge :D(photo at the bottom). I have a mashmaster fridge controller :). I have my recipe for Jever Pils: 3Kg Black Rock Light LME 1Kg Morgan's Larger LME 440g Carapils (cracked and ready to go) 56.6g of tettnang hops (pellets) 45.6g Hallertau hops (plug) 10g Irish Moss...
  6. macr

    Surprise For Our Visitors!

    I noticed the new forum layout and though I have used this forum before it is going to take a while to get used to it. Did anyone elese get this e-mail Has anyone loaded it and what is it. I see no mention on the announcement section and I am a tad sceptical. *Edit* Took out the live link...
  7. macr

    10 Reasons Not To Drink

    I hope this hasn't been posted recently. 10 reasons not to drink although I disagree with the first one, I feel it is one reason to drink :P
  8. macr

    Iodophor In Newcastle

    I have just been to a number of chemists in Newcastle and they all say the same thing that they are not making much Iodine products anymore and no on had any. Can anyone in Newcastle point me to where they get there Iodophor from? BTW I am speculating that homebrew shops probably don't carry it...
  9. macr


    I have rehydrated 15g of US-56 yeast for an APA. Temp is sitting on 20*C and was pitched at 21*C. I was wondering if it is a slow starting yeast? I am starting to get a bit of froth, no krausen ring as of yet, but not much action. I am not worried to the point of repitching, just interested in...
  10. macr

    The Big Breakfast Brew Off (canberra)

    Not sure if this has been posted or not, or if it is in the right area, but to we have any Canwegians, that can shoot this guy down? Taken from this page ABC Canberra
  11. macr

    Some Times It Only Takes Time

    Today I tried one of last two botles of my first beer I ever made. If you read the comments at the end, it was not worth keeping, but I kept a couple of bottles. You can see it was bottled in march last year. What I can say is I wished I kept more. Even my better half was impressed. we live and...
  12. macr

    Magnum Hops

    I was just bumming around the Sierra Nevada Brewery website, as I was in Las Vegas recently and sampled a number of their fine Pale ales. I would like to make a SNA, but using a kit and some other yummy malts. They mention Magnum Hops and I have no information on these hops. Does anyone know...
  13. macr

    Tour De France

    Who is staying up late to watch the tour? I am for one. Great to see an Aussie sitting at number 11 :super:
  14. macr

    Head Space When Bottling

    I am sure that I read somewhere on this forum, that the less head space the better, but a friend at works said that he thought the filler tube left the correct amount of head space for carbonation. Can some one inform me as to what is correct, as the last batch I just bottled has only about...
  15. macr

    My Education Into Beer Appreciation

    Well, I have put myself on a quest for knowledge. I admit that I am not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to beer, but I did have a couple of beers that I have enjoyed overtime, but now that I am getting into the home brewing scene, I may as well learn about all these beers, that you...
  16. macr

    Franziskaner Weissbier

    Hey Guys, the missus and I just finished off a 6 pack :party: of the Franziskaner Weissbier and thoroughly enjoyed it :beer:. It is a wheat and barley beer, from what I translated and has a nice fruity taste to it. The sediment on the bottom appears to be really fine and close to an ash white in...
  17. macr

    Low Temp Effects To Coopers Yeasts

    I have currently two brews running at the moment(my second and third brew ever), they are Coopers Pale ale with brew enhancer2 and Coopers brew master yeast and a Thomas Cooper Australian bitter with Coopers light malt, 10g of Challenger pellets and Coopers Heritage yeast. Currently the...
  18. macr

    Beer Making Spreadsheet

    Hey guys, I've slapped together a spreadsheet for my beer making exploits (K+K and soon partial mashes). Can you see anything, that I should add? The formula for the alcohol % is based on the new Coopers formula of OG-FG/7.46+0.5. To get it to work on excel it looks more like this...
  19. macr

    I Have Just Created The Perfect Apple Cider, But..

    I have just created the perfect apple cider, but.. ......I used a Coopers lager to get it. :( It was made just with the stuff that came with the kit as I was keen to get rid of it and go on to some better K&K's. It was bottled at 1010 final gravity and has been in the bottle sinc the 30th of...
  20. macr

    Specific Gravity And When Do You Know It Correct?

    Hey guys, it is coming to that time to start looking at racking my first beer. I used the Coopers Lager that has come with the kit. Now my question is, that when I go to measure the final gravity, I am getting a lot of bubbles forming and spinning hydrometer only creates more bubbles. Is this...