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  1. jlm

    St John Craft Beer LAUNCESTON!

    Stopped in at Launceston's first craft beer bar today after flying into Bridport. Run by a couple of blokes who locals may recognise from Crown Cellars, its a little venue with six taps, one dedicated to cider, that are constantly rotating. Very similar to a Bris venue (lets say it could be...
  2. jlm

    Get Together/Case Swap 7th July

    After some boozey chat in the No Topic thread last night AHB member and bastard mainlander (I know, I'm never going to be allowed to use the term properly being one myself) Lecterfan put forward the idea an impromptu get together on the weekend of 7/7, coming over for the event (providing the...
  3. jlm

    Seven Sheds Hop Pickin' Day, Mar 23.

    So on Saturday the 23rd of March Seven Sheds Brewery will be hosting their annual hop picking day between 12-4pm. Now I'm not sure of the way this thing works, whether attendees will become indentured labour or not, but there will be food, music, free brewery tours, and if your lucky, you'll get...
  4. jlm

    Jlm's New Brewrig Build

    So after 5 or so years of brewing single batches on various combinations dodgy gear (except for my beerbelly that thing) on dodgy stands (milk crates for the most part) I'm finally upgrading to a double batch setup. HERMS, some automation, shiny things......the whole box and dice...
  5. jlm

    Free Fridges And Swingtop Bottles-brisbane

    Giving away some of my crap for my pending interstate move. Have 2 fridges, 1 large thing which holds 2x30L fermenters, 3 jerry can type cubes or at a guess 4, maybe 5 with some work kegs. Other fridge is a bar fridge, fits 1 cube of either type, useful for cc'ing or bringing a no chill cube...
  6. jlm

    Co2 Refills In Launceston

    I'm moving down to Launceston (Yes! Another bastard mainlander!) in a few weeks and am contemplating bits of my brewery to cull before the big move. My keg setup currently uses a my keg on legs bottle, any brewers in the area know If I 'll be able to get it refilled or am I better of selling it...
  7. jlm

    High Pressure Reg. In Bris?

    The thread on my Rambo burner regulator cracked while changing gas bottles last brew and the reg is now useless. Was intending to brew this weekend if I can find a new HP reg, stopped in at a couple of camping stores while out and about today but had no luck. Anyone know a place where they're...
  8. jlm

    Killed Millmaster, Need To Mill Grain!

    Well, I was just cracking some grain for tomorrows brew, (Flanders red, my first sour beer) when all of a sudden the drill starts spinning freely. Thats odd thinks I, as it seemed to be jamming a bit lately. Anyway, I've snapped the freaking drive shaft. One of the grub screws which holds on the...
  9. jlm

    Good Score At Work Today

    I wish I'd gotten to this job a little earlier..... The smaller section at the back used to be a walk in freezer off a coldroom, I'm thinking I can re-use the leftover panels to make a new door and wall (as they were already gone). Will need a new compressor (see door), but I've got just the...
  10. jlm

    Moo Brew In Brisbane!

    Just stopped in at Drinx at Camp Hill and they've got a carton of Moo Brew Dark Ale. Had quite a few of this excellent drop (an american brown) in Launceston last week, first time I've seen any of their beers in QLD so am very excited. Looks like I've got something to drink in the carpark before...