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  1. Voosher

    Timothy Taylor's 150th

    Bugger the AFL Dream Team... Here's a real 150th birthday to celebrate. Yorkshire Post And special thanks to the homesick Yorkshireman who pointed it out to me.
  2. Voosher

    Inspectors Pocket Brewery Beers At Grumpy's?

    I have just noticed a minor outbreak of Inspectors Pocket Brewery labels appearing on the walls and other prominent locations at Grumpy's. Did you pay us a visit without saying "G'day" Screwtop? Or does the Inspectors Pocket have a secret agent? :D
  3. Voosher

    Hand Drawn Ales Now At Grumpy's

    I am happy to announce Grumpy's latest acquisition is a hand pump all the way from the UK. The many pints of the Black Betty Porter I tested yesterday were magnificent. Get yourselves up here for a pint of Real Ale. :chug:
  4. Voosher

    Personal Message Archiving

    I tried to archive some PM's about an hour ago. I received the message that the archiving process had completed and an email was being sent with my archived messages attached but as yet no email. I've tried it with even just a couple of messages archived assuming that would result in a smaller...
  5. Voosher

    Deuchars Caledonian Ipa

    I try not to go down the clone route; generally I prefer to focus on flavours and maybe style rather than brand... HOWEVER. In discussion with a fellow beer enthusiast and homebrewer I got myself stuck into attempting to clone a brew which I've never tasted and knew next-to-nothing about until...
  6. Voosher

    Is The Mash Exothermic?

    Several times I've noticed a temperature increase mid-way through the mash and it had me a wondering if the conversions in the mash actually produce heat. This post within an old thread is all I've found so far on searches here and elsewhere. Any thoughts?
  7. Voosher

    Yeast Containers

    I've done some phoning around for small'ish vials for yeast storage and based on this and the experience of others and pending some additional information this is what I have. Flat bottom polypropelene container, polyethylene lid. 30ml (dimensions 80mm x 27ml diameter) From what I can gather...
  8. Voosher

    Diacetyl In Your Beer

    I have recently subjected fellow brewers and beer drinkers to a beer with strong diacetyl. Granted it was probably a little stronger ( :excl: ) than "ideal" and I will be taking further steps to reduce it in future but the range of opinions I have found quite surprising as indicated by the...
  9. Voosher

    Daylight Saving Adjustment

    I've made sure that the DST box is ticked in Board options but it appears that times are still being displayed as Central Standard Time, not Central Daylight Saving Time. Just me? Edit: Ignore that. Sorted. If you uncheck the "adjust for DST" box you then get an option to tick "Is DST in...
  10. Voosher

    Mash Hop Utilisation

    I'm interested to hear other's views of another one of those brewing pseudo-myths - mash hopping. Personally, while still experimenting, I'm a fan. I find it gives a smoother and more subtle hop flavour which can be appropriate with some brews. I'm about to start on an APA with significant mash...