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  1. Toper

    The 99 pack of beer,from Texas.

  2. Toper

    Synek Beer Dispenser.Looks a lot better than TapKing

    Not sure if it'll ever make it over here,but it looks pretty good from the vids
  3. Toper

    Just had my first dud Abbotsford Invalid Stout

    Love the AI,great cold weather beer.Just opened a bottle from the local bottlo and it was as sour as hell,wondered if it was a one off,so opened the other bottle,same thing.Then I looked at the date on the label. 5 March 2006. :blink: :icon_vomit:
  4. Toper

    Firefighter uses beer to put out truck blaze

    Thank God it was only Coors :lol: Houston firefighter puts out truck blaze with beer by Heather Alexander, Houston Chronicle | January 8, 2014 | Updated: January 10, 2014 1:31pm A Houston firefighter spent his day off Monday fighting a fire with beer. Capt. Craig Moreau was with his...
  5. Toper

    VPN server IP's

    In my spare time I'm involved in cyber fraud prevention,a lot of it involves emails and their addys from scammers from around the world.I'm currently trying to get together a list of different VPN server IP addys so I can mark them as using a proxy and not the actual IP of the sender.I use...
  6. Toper

    Americas first Trappist brewery?

    First American Trappist Brewery October 23, 2013 By Jay Brooks 9 Comments While it’s been a rumor for a number of years — I first learned about it at least four years back, but like a monk was sworn to silence — finally it’s out in the public. America is getting its first officially...
  7. Toper

    Reverse microwave chills beer in 45 seconds
  8. Toper

    New strongest beer in the world-Snake Venom

    TWO pals who brewed the world’s strongest beer have unveiled an even more lethal recipe – after fans said the first one tasted too weak. Lewis Shand and John McKenzie, of Banffshire’s Brewmeister Brewery, broke the record with 65 per cent alcohol Armageddon last year. They sold 6000 bottles...
  9. Toper Free beer books and a lot,lot more

    Some very interesting historical beer/brewing books here,all free,lots of other stuff too
  10. Toper

    Kefir grains for brewing,thoughts?

    I'm currently chatting to a fella in the UK who's asked the question about using this for brewing.Seems to have a lot of lactic potential,so possibly a idea if it'd work,just putting the idea out here for comments and thoughts
  11. Toper

    Sydney,where to stay,where to drink?

    Any suggestions gratefully accepted.Decided to take SWMBO on a hol to sin city in mid September for a few days,any suggestions for decent hotels ? Won't have a car there so we'll be relying on whatever the NSW government considers public transport:D Suggestions for beer worthy pubs also vital ;)
  12. Toper

    Ales on the Ovens- Wangaratta Craft Beer Festival
  13. Toper

    Bridge Road Bling Bling IIPA

    Had the pleasure of lunch and a few beers at the brewery yesterday,picked up a dozen of the 8.5% abv Imperial IPA,very good beer.A slight carbonation issue with some bottles so we got it 1/2 price.Sadly when we left,my mates car had been robbed of 2 laptops and hard drives,and the feckers got...
  14. Toper

    alternative to acid washing-chlorine dioxide

    Just been reading a thread on a small brew forum I'm on,the thread posters idea is to wash his yeast with chlorine dioxide,water purification tablets.Needing 20-40 ppm to kill bacteria but NOT yeast,each tablet gives 4ppm in 1 litre,he plans to decant his starter slurry down to 300ml then add 2...
  15. Toper

    Bulls Balls Bitter

    Only in America... :rolleyes:
  16. Toper

    Black Dog Brewery

    Although I haven't managed the time to visit yet,I've heard very good reports of the beer from fellow club members.A bit out of the way,down a long dirt road in Glenrowan,north of Benalla,it seems well worth the effort if you happen to be in the area :beer:
  17. Toper

    Black Dog Brewery

    feckin bad post,sorry
  18. Toper

    Brew Cave.please Santa,i Want One,now!

    :rolleyes: :chug:
  19. Toper

    Brew Cave.please Santa,i Want One,now!

    wrong thread,deleted
  20. Toper

    Hop Drops,flavoured Lollies