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  1. lucas

    FS: 3 Vessel all-grain setup in need of some love - Melbourne

    I've got to get rid of my all-grain brewery. It consists of: 1x HLT - 50L stainless steel vessel, heated by a kettle element mounted in the side, controlled by a mash-mate temperature controller. It has a tap and a tube up the side to easily check the liquid level. 1x Mash tun - ~40L...
  2. lucas

    Free Stuff: heater band and bench capper

    The bench capper is on its last legs but might be salvageable if you can make a new handle. The heater band worked fine last time I used it. Free to a good home
  3. lucas

    FS Beer Filter Melbourne

    Selling my filter housing with JG fittings, and 1 micron pleated filter cartridge. I'll also chuck in a water filter with a charcoal filter. $50
  4. lucas

    FS Marga Mill Melbourne

    I'm selling my old Marga Mill. I've lost the handle, but I do have a "drill bit" that'll let you motorize it with a drill/etc. $50, Pickup in Brunswick East
  5. lucas

    FS Kegging gear melbourne

    I'm selling some more kegging odds and ends: 2x Perlick Stainless Steel Forward Sealing Taps + handle - $40 each 1x Stainless Steel Fridge Shank + John Guest fitting - $40 1x Chrome Fridge Shank with barbed nipple - $15 1x Keg Faucet Assembly - $25 1x CO2 Keg Charger + Disconnect + 1 CO2 Bulb -...
  6. lucas

    FS: Fermentation Fridge - Brunswick, Melbourne

    Last one for tonight, Fermentation fridge in stylish retro green :P Fits the taller, thiner style fermenters (30L?). Perfect for lagers, or just dealing with out crazy erratic weather. $100 O.N.O I should have a temperature controller or two to sell with this but I couldnt find either of them...
  7. lucas

    FS: Refractometer - Brunswick, Melbourne

    Refractometer with protective case. $40 O.N.O
  8. lucas

    FS: Micromatic Reg & non-return valve

    Regulator and non-return valve (stops accidents from happening where beer gets in your regulator). Needs a new regulator washer, but they're like $1 so dont stress about that. Asking $60 O.N.O edit: Forgot the suburb in the thread title sorry, Brunswick, Melbourne.
  9. lucas

    FS: 4x 18L Corny Kegs, 1x 9L - Brunswick, Melbourne

    I've got four ball-lock 18L corny kegs for $50 a piece, or $180 for the four of them. Two are cleaned and emtpy, two have some very well aged beer left in them, I went to tip them out and thought they actually smelt ok so I'll leave the buyer to decide if it's any good or not. There's a spare...
  10. lucas

    FS: 6.8kg mykegonlegs CO2 Bottle - Brunswick, Melbourne

    After storing all my gear in the garage for several years without use, the time as come to admit I'm no longer a brewer and someone who is should be using my gear. I'm starting off by selling my CO2 bottle in like-new condition. $225 O.N.O
  11. lucas

    Fs: Peristaltic Pump [melb]

    I'm selling a Peristaltic pump, the same one craftbrewer sells here The pump has been modified to have an on/off switch on the unit itself. comes with noprene tubing (I may even have a spare length to chuck in too? not sure) which slips nicely over a fermenter tap, and a john guest fitting to...
  12. lucas

    Fs: Corny Kegs [melb]

    I've got a bunch of corny kegs and no way of keeping them cold, so I'm gonna let a couple of them go 4x 19L kegs, well loved, $50 each 1x 9L keg, bought new, used maybe twice, $150 pick up from brunswick east PM me if interested
  13. lucas

    Fs: Assembled Fridgemate [melb]

    I've got a spare fridgemate that's been lying around collecting dust so I thought I might as well find it a better home. it's assembled and ready to use. there's some slight rust on the probe, but this did not effect the function of the controller while controlling my old keg freezer Uploaded...
  14. lucas

    [melb] Free 25kg Sack Of Alt Malt

    I've got a sack of malt I never even got around to opening, and am about to move house and am trying to downsize things a bit. pick up from box hill south, must be picked up either tonight or tomorrow night. I'd happily accept a 6-pack in exchange, but in any case it's got to go.
  15. lucas

    RecipeDB - Lucas' Smoked Choc Porter

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  16. lucas

    Fs: 320l Fridge Freezer

    works fine, selling because I'm not really making good use of it. for the last 8-9 months it's had 10 or so packets of hops in the freezer and a bottle of sanitizer in the fridge. these have both since moved into my keg fridge. could be used for a dispensing fridge, you can fit 2 18L corny kegs...
  17. lucas

    Fs: 5l Glass Fermenter & Syphon [melbourne]

    I bought this off ebay ages ago with the intention of making huge starters in it but never ended up getting around to it, so I figured it's time to pass it on to someone who'll use it. would be good for starters or experimental batches (or apparently wine, that's what it was originally...
  18. lucas

    Fs: Bottles. Lots Of 'em [melbourne]

    I've got a bunch of bottles I'd like to get rid of. approx 70 longnecks (800ml, 750ml, 700ml, 640ml, 500ml and a few oddball ones) and ~110 stubbies (mostly coopers) bottles were washed when emptied, but have sat and gathered a lot of dust. a portion of them arent empty yet, but they aren't...
  19. lucas

    For Sale: Bottle Tree And Sanitiser [melb - Eastern Suburbs]

    In an effort to make some space in the laundry (and raise some funds for a new and expensive hobby) I'm going to start selling some of my brewing gear that doesnt get regular use. First items to go are my modular bottle tree and matching bottle sanitiser. These two items make getting all your...
  20. lucas

    RecipeDB - lucas' first AG ESB

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