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  1. mobrien

    Herms Design Advice...

    Hi everyone, After a bit of a break from brewing c/o the QLD floods downgrading the brewery, its time to rebuild and get back on track. The old brewery was a three teir manual job; 50L temp controlled electric HLT; 50L converted keg mash tun and 80L boiler. Im thinking of upgrading to a...
  2. mobrien

    Mid Strength Lager

    Hi guys, I'm on a diet having to loose around 10kg - not that I'm overweight, its just my damn knee is screwed and until I get the op I need the Dr said the best thing would be to get to the low end of reccomended BMI for someone of my size. Given this is a long term change, I need to get more...
  3. mobrien

    Acidulated Malt (weyermann) - My Experience

    Hi everyone, I just thought I would share my experience using Acidulated Malt. Those of you who know me/know of me will know I've been doing AG for a couple of years. I've got a pretty decent 42L batch size system happening now, and have a temp controlled fridge with a shiny conical inside...
  4. mobrien

    Storage Of Grain And Hops

    Hi guys, I've been tossing around the idea of getting a grain mill and buying grain in bulk - I brew about every two to three weeks (42L batches) so it would pay for itself very quickly. Given the current warnings about grain and hops shortages, I think I might be getting very close to doing...
  5. mobrien

    1272 Fast Ferment....

    Hi guys, Yesterday I brewed a 1.074 double IPA. Pitched a good amount of 1272 collected from my previous brew (a midstrength) into the oxygenated (with an O2 cylinder and airstone) wort. I woke up the yeast with 1L of the wort about two hours before I pitched. 12 hours later, I go to the...
  6. mobrien

    Water Heat And Mixing Excel Worksheet

    Hi guys, Just thought some of you may be interested in this - an excel spreadsheet that does two things: 1. Calculates how long an electric element will take to heat a volume of water to a temperature - I use this to set the time for the right amount of time. 2. Calculate the required...
  7. mobrien

    Dry Hopping

    Hi guys, I'm designing a beer for the QLD case swap, and want to dry hop in the fermenter. So my question: How do folks sanitise their hops before dry hopping in a fermenter? M
  8. mobrien

    First Use Of My Conical

    Hi everyone, While I was in San Francisco recently I bought a Conical fermenter from Northern Brewer (see Then I cam back to Australia and upgraded my brewery with a pump and a bunch of new stuff (see...
  9. mobrien

    March Pump Connections

    Hi everyone, Having just got my march pump, its time to work out how to use it. I know a lot of guys permenantly plumb them into the brewery, but I'm not sure I want to do that yet. Everything I use at the moment has quick disconnects - the standard plastic garden hose variety - does anyone...
  10. mobrien

    Where Is The Best Place To Get A March Pump?

    Hi everyone, I'm either stupid or I can't use the search function, or maybe both.... But I seem to remember a link on the forums to the cheapest march supplier (someone that was doing us all a good deal) - but I can't find it.... Any help? I'm in reach of more beer here in the states, and am...
  11. mobrien

    San Francisco Beers

    Hi everyone, Well post 500 for me, and I thought I'd make it a memorable one! So I'm in San Francisco, CA doing a course for a month, and since I am here I have to try the beers! Give the jet lag, the first two days I took easy: Day 1. Anchor Steam beer - bottled, drunk at a local cafe. This...
  12. mobrien

    Oxygen Options In Australia?

    Hi all, I've just been reading (and listening to TBN) about wort aeration and I'm convinced enough to give it a try. Does anyone know where you can easily (and preferably cheaply) get O2 cylinders in Au? M
  13. mobrien

    Malts - What Is Actually Done To Them?

    Hi everyone, I'm wanting to know a bit more about the way malts (grains) are prepared, purely for my own education. Specifically, I want to know about crystal malts compared to pale malts, and what is actually done to them and why we should limit batches to 10% or so. I assume its to do with...
  14. mobrien

    San Francisco - Where To Visit?

    Hi guys, I'm about to spend a month in San Francisco with work, and obviously I need to know what and where I need to visit (beer related!) Any suggestions? M
  15. mobrien

    How Often Do You Upgrade Your Brewery?

    Hi guys, I fired up the fourth version of my brewery yesterday, which made me go looking for the photos of my brewery as it changed over time. Having found them all I thought I would share them here! My first AG setup I bought from Batz. It was a 20L urn (which is now up North in Fixa's...
  16. mobrien

    Beersmith - Mash Tun Specific Heat Calculations?

    Hi everyone, I've just built a new mash tun (stainless) and after brewing the first brew, found that it absorbs a lot more heat than the old plastic job - so much so that even though I rinsed it out with warm water, I missed my mash temp by 2 degrees (68 instead of 70). I have set up my...
  17. mobrien

    60l Fermenters

    Hi all, Can anyone remember where to get 60L fermenters in Brissy cheaply - I used to have a link, but can't for the life of me find it either on my computer or AHB. There was a place that had an online product catalogue... Any hints would be appreciated! M
  18. mobrien

    What Liquid Yeast?

    Hi guys, After an octoberfest which is brewing this weekend, then lagering after that, its time for some fun. Al and I always brew together, double batch ending up with one keg each. The plan is to do two brews 2 weeks apart in 6 weeks time. Here is the idea - we want to get a good liquid...
  19. mobrien

    Slotted Copper False Bottom - How Did You Build Yours?

    Hi everyone, Its time for the brewery to expand again, so the mash tun is getting rebuilt from 37L to 50L. As part of this I'm going to do a new false bottom. At the moment I am leaning towards a slotted copper job. What is the prevailing wisdom as to the width of the slots? Hacksaw blade...
  20. mobrien

    First Every Sg Stout

    Hi everyone, We brewed our first stout today - I don't have the final recipe on me, I'll let Al post that - but the photos are worthwhile - this is by far the darkest beer we've ever done, and boy did it smell and taste good - even before its beer! Matt