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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Hi Kegland, when will the G20 units be back in stock please? I read earlier in this thread they're being changed to allow a heating device to be wired in. Will the next batch include this? Thanks
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    Redundancies from work, anyone else seeing it in your industry?

    What the absolute ****!! How!?
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    Redundancies from work, anyone else seeing it in your industry?

    I can't believe how golden some of the handshakes still are! We get 1 weeks pay for each year of service, capped at 13 weeks.
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    2015 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hop Garden!

    I've noticed in the last few pages a few people are digging up rhizomes to put them in the fridge then replant come spring. Is there any benefit to this rather than just leaving them where they are?
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    Drilled kettle valve hole too big - Help!

    That's leaking through the threads mate, need to go nuts with the tape as when we brewers fit these things to kegs we don't use proper bulkheads therefore the o ring only seals between your washer and the kettle.
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    Japan (with kids) - Where to go ?

    This joint was epic, only a few hundred metre walk from the Yamanote line station too. There was a Japanese punk dude called Kaz when I was working there, epic host, full of froth. It also had the Minoh stout mentioned above and it was real good for the record.
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    Tokyo Craft Beer

    Watering hole is ******* epic. Kaz, the bartender with the long black hair always in punk rock shirts is a full blown legend. Loved that joint
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    2015 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hop Garden!

    Far out, I'm in Wollongong, NSW and have only just in the last couple of weeks got my first shoots!
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    2015 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hop Garden!

    So I've got a cascase and a chinook planted in pots. As of today they have both put out a tiny little shoot. While checking them out like a proud father I noticed heeeeaps of tiny tiny white bugs jumping around the edge of the pot. There was a fair few running around on the soil (at the edges...
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    Bar builder Melbourne

    What sort of money does something like that cost? Did you have to excavate under an existing house or is part of a current build?
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    Kefir 101

    Jesus Bribie that's one hell of a website
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    Kefir 101

    Where can a bloke get his hands on some grains?
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    Home Made Yoghurt

    How is the culture effected if Skyr were to be posted here? Obviously the yogurt would be rank but what actually happens when it goes off? As it's sealed it can't get infected with other things is it just the bugs take over?
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    Marks Home Brew confirmed to stay open then sold

    Just about to place an order on MHB, can anyone who has ordered yeast confirm he uses icepacks to post? On craftbrewer you add them to the order yourself but not sure if I just can't find them or if they are absorbed into the shipping price?
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    2014 Rhizomes for sale - Cascade & Chinook

    Have removed myself from the list, jumped on another sale currently happening on the forum where I was guaranteed to get some. Hopefully someone below me on the list will benefit. Cheers Cascade durham70 x2 (Sydney) Topher SixDemonBag x 2 (SYDNEY) Kayne Catcher x 2 (Cooma NSW) Stakka 82 x2...
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    Home Made Yoghurt

    Well it appears I need to do some more reading, I've only had a quick skim over this thread prior to today. One of the fellas I went to Iceland with might be going back later in the year, I wonder how he could get Skyr back to me? haha perhaps ship a solid block of ice express somehow with Skyr...
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    Home Made Yoghurt

    Holy ****! The link above to a Villi culture just made my dreams come true. I travelled Iceland for a while and ate a whole of a product calld 'Skyr' while I was there. Myself and friends were addicted to it, bought it everywheree we could. I searched long and hard for a recipe to make it or for...
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    For sale: MORE cascade and chinook rhizomes

    Has there been too many requests or do you think you're still able to supply 1 of each bud?
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    2014 Rhizomes for sale - Cascade & Chinook

    Cascade Topher SixDemonBag x 2 (SYDNEY) Kayne Macca05 x 2 (Perth) Catcher x 2 (Cooma NSW) Koots Chinook Topher Kayne Macca05 (Perth) Catcher (Cooma NSW) Koots