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  1. potof4x

    Swap Hops / Flaked Corn 2761

    Moving House so clearing the freezer. Hops always remained frozen and generally sealed in vacum packages after split/heat sealed in original packages. Various American and euro hops 2011 -2016 + quantity of aged hops. Also >1kg flaked maize ex craftbrewer 2016, likewise has lived in the freezer...
  2. potof4x

    Wanted: Tap Bits and or Taps

    A long shot but Does anyone have 1 each of the pictured bits they would be willing to part with? I'm assuming they're from chinese taps - they came with a second hand kegerator. Also chasing a pair of 2nd hand taps prefer flow control for mounting to a kegerator font if any body has them...
  3. potof4x

    FS - SE Qld

    Selling up some excess gear post moving house. Pickup from Maroochydore or if you don't mind waiting can organise for drop off for BABBs, TooSOBA, or by arrangement anywhere along the road from here to Pittsworth. Can post smaller items at buyers expense. Will offer sale in order of PM's...
  4. potof4x

    Giveaway Tallies

    I have 150ish XXXX Twisttop tallies to giveaway after purging the brewroom. 100 are in their cartons, the rest normal cardboard boxes. They are not washed, though not filthy either Will drop off in T-Bar tomorrow, and I am coming through Brissy on way to Sunny coast tommorrow, will drop off if...
  5. potof4x

    Craftbrewer Yeast Nutrient - Gluten Free?

    I am brewing a gluten free for my partners brother. Anyone know if the repackaged CB yeast nutrient is Gluten Free? or the product name so I can research further? Tried the A/H Craftbrewer number to no avail. Cheers Rob
  6. potof4x

    Stirplate / Heater Discount

    Found this stirplate/heater on sale. No affilitation.
  7. potof4x

    24 Year Old Yeast...

    My mate cleaned out his Shed and found this yeast which he gave to me. It is a Coopers "Brewers Own" packet. Packaging date August 86! Also the packet states it is suitable for top or bottom fermentation. I guess it could be a mixture of ale and lager yeast? Does any body know the specs or...
  8. potof4x

    First And Last Extract.... Recipe And Process Questions

    Hello, Have got myself together a biab bag system. I would like to give it a practice run making an extract brew using the ingredients I have on hand, before going all grain in a few weeks. I have - can of coopers lager goo - 2 kg ldme - 90 grams each of POR and...
  9. potof4x

    Toowoomba Extract Cans

    Hello, I am looking for a source of coopers (or other) liquid malt extract in Toowoomba area. I dont like shopping at the Home Brew Shop in James street. I am out at pittsworth and the local supermarkets have all the hopped cans I could want. Have searched a number of the Toowoomoomba chains...
  10. potof4x

    Boiling Kits?

    Hello. Have just started brewing after 4 year break. Used to brew in the garden shed @ 26 degrees plus and never got good results. Have insulated my house and now have a constant 18 to 20 degrees up here on the Darling Downs. Hoping to do better at this temp, have done plenty of research on...