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  1. Robbo2234

    Where to get a hand pump in the uk

    The Missus is of to London next week and mentioned that she could get me a hand pump for real ale! I can get it delivered to her hotel as she is there for 2 weeks. any tips or links? what should I look out for? Thanks yes i have googled ;)
  2. Robbo2234

    Unhopped cube probs

    Hi all This is the 3rd time have written this but my phone stuffed up and lost it so I will be brief. I have experimented with Unhopped cubes some have worked some haven't. My last cube swelled up I tiped it out clean and sanitised again and filled with a hoped esb no swelling I like doing...
  3. Robbo2234

    Help Identify off flavor

    Hi all I am getting a off flavor in one beer I think it came out of the fermenter to early. It's a waxy / lipstick flavor I have tasted this in Belgium style beers I just don't know what it's called Thanks
  4. Robbo2234

    Fs. 15 liter cubes Sydney

    Hi all I have Heaps of empty cubes from fwks all are clean and ready to go! $10 each or 7 for $50. Pick up bangor 2234. Can deliver in Sydney for a fee
  5. Robbo2234

    Going to Canberra

    Hi all I will be traveling to Canberra on Wednesday and staying there one night. Can anyone recommend a place to stay or that is In walking distance to good beer? Thanks
  6. Robbo2234

    Recommend me a new sanitiser

    Hi all I am almost finished my sodium met and looking for a new sanitiser. This is my current routine. Sodium perc and 4lt if boiling water screw the lid on shake about a few times over ten minutes. Empty and do the same with sodium met. I have tried iodophor a few times but got an...
  7. Robbo2234

    WTB hop rhizomes Victoria Secret and Chinook

    Hi all If anyone has some rhizomes for sale let me know! Thanks
  8. Robbo2234

    Got a mate in the UK.. What to look for in a hand pump

    As per the title I have a mate in London who can bring Home a hand pump for me I may. Any tips on what to look for? Thanks
  9. Robbo2234

    One beer Migraine / hangover wtf?

    Wtf is going on? I have one beer home brew or commercial and the next day I get a splitting head ache that lasts till the evening and feeling crap till after lunch. I did stop drinking for about 3 weeks while the misses was pregnant but now it's out I have mates wanting to share a beer and I...
  10. Robbo2234

    Sodium perc in dishwasher

    Hi all I have been using sodium perc in the the dishwasher for a while but finding it leaves a chalky coating on every thing I have adjusted the dose of perc and the rise aid setting and it still happens. Any tips? thanks
  11. Robbo2234

    Swap. South Sydney 220 liter drum for a 60 liter

    Hi all. I am down sizing and want to swap a 220 liter plastic drum originally from a mega swil factory. I have used it to brew but it's going to waste as I don't need that much any more. All clean any ready to go. Would love to swap it for a 60 liter fermenter pm me if your interested. In...
  12. Robbo2234

    Buying meat in bulk in sydney

    Hi all. I am looking at a place to buy bulk meat in Sydney to fill my chest freezer can any one recommend a place? I would prefer to buy the whole cuts ie 3 or 4 whole porterhouses rather than the side as I think there will be a lot of waste Thanks
  13. Robbo2234

    FS. Sydeny TV antenna gear

    Hi all I have a heap of tv antenna install gear from a old job. Full roll a rg11 305m Heaps of splitters 5 wire gear Connectors Antennas Located south sydeny. Rather it go to a fellow brewer before it goes on ebay
  14. Robbo2234

    wtb. victoria's hop rhizomes

    Hi. I saw a few posts a while ago for some rhizomes. Any one got some more for sale? Thanks
  15. Robbo2234

    yuck just got a mouthful of gunk!

    Well.. at the end of filling a keg I remove the hose from the keg with my thumb on the end and have a Quick taste.... That didn't happen this time. I have a new BMW fermenter from bunnings at the tap was below the trub line so guess what I got. . A mouthful of tub! Oh man.... yuck!
  16. Robbo2234

    WTB sodium perc

    Hi looking for some sodium perc looking for 5 is kilos if you want to off load some from the last bulk buy let me know. Thanks
  17. Robbo2234

    WTB sodium perc

    Hi looking for some sodium perc looking for 5 is kilos if you want to off load some from the last bulk buy let me know. Thanks
  18. Robbo2234

    I think I have stuffed my flow control perlicks

    I think I suffed the seals, I soak them in sodium p over night i read that you can destroy the seals with it. they work Ok and then a few days later they leak out the spout or out the top of the handels. what should I be cleaning them with and how much for new seals?
  19. Robbo2234

    Galaxy hops harsh taste and co2

    Hi all I have a keg of galaxy ale I ked it chucked it on at 50 kpa to let it slow carb. First few days it was awesome a week later it became bitter and harsh I decided to disconnect the keg from the gas and drink from the pressure in the keg after drinking about a 6 beers over a few days the...
  20. Robbo2234

    contract brewing info please

    Hi all Can some one give me some info on contract brewing like minium order quantity and a ball park in price I know that more hops and malt will swing the price too. Thanks