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  1. Hangover68

    Freezing Milled Grains

    Yes i would choose a good air tight container over storing in the freezer if its only for a few weeks.
  2. Hangover68

    noob incoming

    Welcome, when bottling i find a couple of odd bottles that i use as samplers at week 1, week 2 etc.
  3. Hangover68

    Bulk Prime IPA

    Yep white sugar dissolved in boiling water works for me, approx. 120g in 200ml of water for a 23ltr batch.
  4. Hangover68

    Nano vs Brewzilla or Guten

    I guess it will come down to do you see yourself adding on to the basic system, if yes then the Nano makes sense as the all in ones cant really be added to in any meaningful way . And do you want/need automation, these are my considerations for when i upgrade.
  5. Hangover68


    No need, fridge is tall enough for it to fit even with a stand i made to level out the bottom and still has plenty of space over head. I generally only do one at a time but have my other fridge if required.
  6. Hangover68


    Some interesting points here, after my 25yo cheap arse wander FV went brittle and fell apart i switched to using 25ltr cubes. Easy to handle and very space efficient and ideal for no-chill, will fit in a small bar fridge for temp control and cold crashing. Last year i picked up a used...
  7. Hangover68

    Fermentation stalled

    Give it a swirl and see if that livens it up, an english bitter i pitched last friday was very active for 3 days and now slowed right down, SG dropped from 1.038 to 1.014 and is still slowly plugging away so i know itll finish on or close to expected FG.
  8. Hangover68

    fermentasaurus v1 o ring

    The FV opening is too small for the lip of the seal to fit between it and the lid which defeats the purpose of the lip, AFAIK both lids are the originals.
  9. Hangover68

    fermentasaurus v1 o ring

    The original seal is a flawed design so i'd use a normal round o-ring, it will seal better.
  10. Hangover68

    fermentasaurus v1 o ring

    Take the lid to your nearest auto parts shop and get an oring that fits.
  11. Hangover68

    Equipment For Sale 2 X 19L corny kegs

    Damn, i'd take them if it wasnt for bloody lock down.
  12. Hangover68

    Nano vs Brewzilla or Guten

    All good points FF, i'm thinking about upgrading my system and originally looked at a CP 50ltr nano but the 50ltr Guten looks good. Not sure how the automation will improve anything but the re-circulation function would probably improve my efficiency not that i'm concerned about that, like you...
  13. Hangover68

    Consolidating Hop Inventory

    I haven't experimented much with hops and have only kept stock for the styles i have brewed so far and have some planted that will hopefully yield enough to use at the end of summer. This will probably change as i expand my repertoire. My current stock is - Pellets Saaz Cascade Mosaic...
  14. Hangover68

    Bottling brew re-visited

    Not an issue if you leave to sit for 2-3 days after bulk priming which is what i do when bottling.
  15. Hangover68

    One hop dry hop

    You can freeze them after they are open, double zip bag them before freezing.
  16. Hangover68

    Brewing a Lager

    I've done both ways, can still lager even after pressure fermenting just now i don't need to move the FV. I also have another temp controlled fridge more suited to standard shaped fermenters and cubes.
  17. Hangover68

    Brewing a Lager

    Keep scouring gumtree and facebook marketplace, i found an all fridge large bar fridge for free that easily fits my fermetersaurus so i can now temp control and pressure ferment.
  18. Hangover68


    I dont do HG brews yet but that is also a consideration for upsizing.
  19. Hangover68


    Typo, should be "ok". Its pretty clear what i was asking.