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    Castle Hill and NSW State Homebrewing Competition 2014

    It would be good to know if there will be a dropoff point in Newcastle area or whether we need to post it. I'd much rather do a dropoff and time is kinda running short as well
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    HUB Brewing challenge

    Our next brewing challenge will be revealed on the 15th of March at our club meeting. You should definitely book that date in as the last one was great fun and Shawn is sure to make it an interesting one again. And hey who else gets to do a brewing challenge with the best brewer in the country?
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    Nswabc 2011 Results

    Yep. Only certificates for 2nd and 3rd. Max
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    Nsw Abc 2011 Photos

    Lol. Not really. But thats about the only photo of myself in front of the camera. And I can look much worse than that hehe
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    Nsw Abc 2011 Photos

    See I'm just too nice a german to take advantage of it, or am I??? ;)
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    Nsw Abc 2011 Photos

    Yeah I didnt realize when I posted it... all good mate
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    Nswabc 2011 Results

    Scoresheet will be post end of the week and the score sheets can be found here: BJCP scoresheet. The results are basically the sum of 2 score sheets. So divide your score by 2 and thats the score out of 50 your beer got.
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    Nswabc 2011 Results

    Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who was involved. Special thanks to Tony for his big effort in organizing and also for driving me around both days ;-) I will try to get some pictures up here soon.
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    Newcastle Beer Dinner With Dr Tim Cooper

    I think it was the vintage again ;-)
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    Newcastle Beer Dinner With Dr Tim Cooper

    I should be able to get some pictures up from my mate Eric. I put pics up as soon as I get my hand on them. I think we left about 1ish but then again I was pretty drunk for some reason ;-) Great night out with good food and matched beers. My pick for the best match would have been the Beef cheek...
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    Speidels Braumeister. Impressive Yes. Expensive Yes.

    I actually tried some of the leftover wort from your Hefe. Very nice ;-) One day I might call a Braumeister my own as well... those will be happy days, hehe. Let us know how you go with the restaurant in-house brewery!
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    Newcastle Beer Dinner With Dr Tim Cooper

    There will be a few with a big night planned :P
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    Newcastle Beer Dinner With Dr Tim Cooper

    That will be a good night for sure. I got 14 people rounded up so far. Nice way of celebrating into my birthday the next day ;-) And you can bet we will keep on drinking, hehe
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    Hub 2010 Xmas Case Swap

    I wont be able to make it this time. Will only get back from Perth on the Saturday and wont have enough time to bottle before sunday. I will try to drop in on the sunday though
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    Beerloversguide.com.au - Competition

    Wish I had an IPhone