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    Honey for sale for makers of MEAD

    Got a bumper harvest of honey this season ,please contact me via private messages how many kilos required .Located in Greenvale ,Melbourne . Further details given once messaged . Regards Kuibrew
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    Todays Brew (Kentish Ale)

    Kentish Ale (English Ale) Original Gravity (OG): 1.048 (°P): 11.9 Final Gravity (FG): 1.012 (°P): 3.1 Alcohol (ABV): 4.72 % Colour (SRM): 7.8 (EBC): 15.4 Bitterness (IBU): 36.1 (Average - No Chill Adjusted) 94.54% Golden Promise Malt 5.25% Caramunich I 0.21% Roasted Barley 0.9 g/L East Kent...
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    Motorised Grain Mill

    Hello Is the mill still for sale ?
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    Beer Bottles

    Well Grahame Interesting trivia, & valid token made by yourself re :"....Crown seal..." when I use to make cider in 42 gallon whiskey barrels I was forever topping up due to evapouration ....but to read Coopers reply does make me think who has the patience to store beer that long let alone...
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    Beer Bottles

    I find brewers like yourself fascinating by how the imagination comes up with such concoctions ......I did chuckle thinking if you owned a toothbrush ! yet interesting idea to use Coffee beans ....Ethiopian. or from Burundi ? or just Nescafe blend 35 haaaa besides my theme was beer bottles...
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    Beer Bottles

    We brew to drink...recently I have been asked how many bottles do you set aside ...I sort of look and think geee I'm a real boozer .....But I hear what your saying re Pet bottles ....
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    Beer Bottles

    When we started to brew we bought 660ml bottles made in china ,sure enough crack after crack whilst priming the 2nd fermentation now we know why Coopers bottles are respected
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    Beer Bottles

    My gratitude goes out to " Bumpoh " for his generous efforts in supply .
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    Comment by 'kuibrew' in media '20181221_094807'

    Question: How impressed are you by the equipment.....? I'm really struggling to see the true benefits of the unitank compared to the simple SS Brewtech 17 gallon fermenter we have at present
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    Todays Brew (Kentish Ale)

    I'm curious about this Kentish Ale (only because I was born in Kent & mercy I quaffed a few pints whilst playing snooker in many Social Working man's clubs )....BUT the recipe is for how many litres 20 ? 50? or ? . Lastly did you stick to the original recipe & changed it accordingly of advice of...
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    Beer Bottles

    Your job description does you justice "Parts manager " .naturally I'm impressed
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    Beer Bottles

    Has he got a guard dog ? ....fantabuloso do I contact him ? Many thanx for reaching out .... Cheers Indeed !!! PS: just a thought ...but we are really after 660 or 750ml bottles ....beggars cannot be that choosey .
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    Beer Bottles

    Hi Looking to buy beer bottles for a 110L brew ..... Willing to buy up your surplus "empties" otherwise shall buy new bottles if caught short. Sorry we are not interested in kegs etc Based in the NW Melbourne reservation of Greenvale
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    Looking to buy SS Brewtech 64L (or 17 gallon) fermenter

    Subject title says it all ..... we are not desperate ,but the opportunity has arisen to brew an extra 55L to maximise our Bruameister work load to supplement our other chronical ferementer ....
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    Ss Brewtech "Chronical" 7 Gallon Conical Fermenter

    is the distributor based in Brisbane ?
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    Fullers sold to Asahi-I feel gutted!!!

    this explains why I see some real fancy brews from Fullers in champagne boxes....besides if I saw a Youngs pub,that would of been my first draw card....Fullers did have a very strong distinct taste that didnt wash down well with me...
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    Beer motivated trip to Belgium... anyone been there?

    My experiences of Belgium beer have mostly came out of the bottle.3 yrs ago In Kaosching(?) Taiwan I drank some delightful fruit flavoured Leffe (?) or Liedermans beers,whilst at the bar at Frites > Hong Kong 2 years ago I got smashed (when the manageress found out I was from Melbourne & the...