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    2nd brew, another Bootmaker

    Hey guys, I'm doing my second brew today and I'm going to do another Coopers Bootmaker Pale Ale. This one will be a bit different to the last one being I am going to use 1Kg of DME instead of the liquid, I'm also going to use the kit yeast and an extra sachet of Coopers Brewers yeast. One...
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    First brew Bootmaker

    So all my new kit turned up on Monday and I'm going to do a boot makers Pale ale for my first brew. I also got it with the light malt extract can In the instructions I got it says to empty the cans straight into the fermenter with hot water but I though i would have to boil them with some...
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    new brewer new kit

    Hey guys, after some advice as i'm new to this. I have done a bit of research and looking at getting my first kit setup. I was going to go the MJ's craft series brew kit with the SS fermenter but at the moment I think it's just out of reach cost wise for the wife to buy for my birthday. I've...
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    Home Brew newbie

    Hi Everyone, long time lurker first time posting. I'm going to be getting into home brewing after building my taste for beer over the past year or two. I used to only drink Bourbon and that was it, then I had two kids and got yet another mortgage and bourbon got really expensive. Beer was cheap...