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  1. Digga

    Bar Runners $15ea Newcastle

    I have acquired a number of bar runners that are in good to great condition. I have the following types: Corona x 2 Carlton Dry x1 (new but small split in the rubber from being folded in half) Big Helga x2 (1x new and other great condition but same as above small split in rubber) Extra Dry x5...
  2. Digga

    Old School Aluminum Porta-Keg - Newcastle NSW

    Old school Porta-keg, I think they are around 10L to 15L from memory. It has all connections for pinlock commercial setups, although will need all rubber o-rings replaced as they are in poor condition. Make an offer!
  3. Digga

    Newcastle - Free Fisher and Paykel 266L Fermenting/Dispensing Fridge

    Working free and out the front of the house. Come and collect it ASAP, won't last long, stainless steel clangger. Did have a beer tap into the front so there is a hole in the front and a little one in the Side for the gas line. PM for details/location Thanks.
  4. Digga

    Free Fridge - Newcastle NSW

    Stainless steel Fisher and Paykel Fridge only, perfect for fermenting / serving from. PM for address.
  5. Digga

    FS - DA Taps (Snaplok) - Newcastle NSW

    Hi all, I have come in contact with a number of DA style snaplok taps. I spent the weekend pulling them apart cleaning, replacing all seals needed and rebuilding with some lube in the right places. I'm looking for $40 per tap will cut a deal for multiples. Im willing to post with either a...
  6. Digga

    FREE - Bar fridge Newcastle area

    Hi all I have a small bar fridge that I no longer have a use for. It started out as a ferm fridge bit was limited to 1 fermenter that would fit. Then I had it had my hop freezer with STC control it would hold -10oc no problems. Then I used it for a short time at work as a mini keg fridge...
  7. Digga

    Adding dextrose after pitching yeast

    Hi all Knobel folks I recently put down a few coopers online recipes and just scaled up for my lager 60L fermenters. Some recipes called for be2 and such. I thought that I dialed up correctly and forgot that the coopers site "generally" allows for an extra 0.5% alcohol by bottling. Anyways I...
  8. Digga

    WTB - Pin lock keg Newcastle - Sydney

    Have a mate getting into kegging and currently has a pin lock keg to go on the hump of a small chesty and looking for another one to either fit 4 total or the backup when the other blows. Let me know if anyone has one laying around that they aren't going to utilise. He travels to Sydney every...
  9. Digga

    Take 2 - Stocktake after brew liquidation auction

    I apologise to all for my lack of knowledge when it comes to hop prices. I have done a bit of research over the past 24hrs since my premature post of excitement after stocktaking all the stuff. I have come to discover that hops vary in price considerably between different varieties.... Generally...
  10. Digga

    Stocktake after brew liquidation auction

    So I have spent some time weighing & stock taking tonight after I got everything back into the shed and packaging into BULK lots. Soooo what I have ended up with is: Sizeable amount of Hops - $8.5 per 100g (Don't expect anyone to buy the unknown hop B, C, E and J) hahahaha. Hop A - Tettnang -...
  11. Digga

    WTB - for mate

    Hi. Wanting to source some cheap kegs, taps and co2 bottle to fit out my 5 tap 6 reg fridge that I currently possess. I'm parting ways for an 8 keg kezer that is a free by and will "need to be replaced when it inevitable shits it's self hahahaha! If anyone in the newcastle / coffs-harbour area...
  12. Digga

    Strong Stout / Dark Ale Assistance

    So as the title says I'm asking for some assistance with putting together a recipe for a strong (9% - 10%) stout or dark ale recipe. I currently have a 50L WRDA batch on the go at the moment which has finished fermentation. I will leave it till the weekend so I can keg and bottle it. The yeast...
  13. Digga

    WTB - Party Kegs x2 - Newcastle

    Hi all im wanting to buy a pair of party kegs (Small 9.5L - 11L) if anyone has any they are looking to get rid of or are just collecting dust let me know and see if we can work out a trade/price thanks in advance.
  14. Digga

    Kegs and pluto gun Newcastle

    Hi, So I have some 19-23L kegs and a what I think is a stainless pluto gun. The kegs have recently been cleaned and pressure tested and ready to have beer dropped in them. At the moment I have: • 2x 19L corney kegs (will have a 3rd when the replacement pressure relief valve arrives) - I'm asking...
  15. Digga

    5x beer taps. Pluto gun, swing and pull.

    For sale is 5x beer taps 1x metal pluto gun (Unsure if stainless) assuming its chrome plated. 2x swing taps both are the screw lock type. 2x pull taps both are again screw lock type. One has lancer pressed into front (picture to come) and the other isn't named but am using the exact same style...