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    New to Hops

    Hi All, We have just bought our first home and get to move in another 6 weeks. Since I have been brewing for a while I thought this would be a great time to grow hops. I guess my main question is does anyone have any tips. My main types will be POR for my swill and Cascade for my Pale Ales...
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    Re-Using Yeast and How Much?

    Thanks heaps. Mr Malty answered all of my questions. I plan on putting roughly 70 - 80 mls of the compact yeast in the jars and using a starter when making a batch. This will help determine the viability as well as growing the yeast amount a bit. I am also assuming that no one has any issues...
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    Re-Using Yeast and How Much?

    Hi All, I has harvested the yeast out of a 6 pack of Coopers Mild Ale and thought that this would be the perfect time to try and re-harvest the yeast from the brew that I created from it. The day before before kegging, I boiled several jars in my brew pot with a couple of litres of water to...
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    Attaching Qd's To A Keg?

    My QDs are a pain in the neck. They are really hard to put on where I apply a lot of muscle to get them on and they quite often cut my hands up because I have used so much pressure to get them on. Quite often a lot of swear words said to the bloody things but all is forgiven when the beer comes...
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    Hi All, I have had a little search on the forums but the search tool doesn't seem to work so well but was wondering how people work out there efficiency. I currently brewed the Dr Smurto's Golden Ale (house favourite) and I notice it says 70% efficiency. I was hoping to have a formula to try it...
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    Does It Exist?

    With the sanitising the temperature probe I wouldnt really bother. I normally just have the ambient temperature to the temperature that I need. That way no need to be sanitising and when it stays at that temperature the wort will hang around it as well. I purchased an STC-1000 and used 2...
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    What Size Fridge For 4 Kegs ? Upside Down Freezer Type ?

    Best way to determine is to put your kegs in a configuration. When I went searching for my fridge I made circle cutouts of the kegs (didn't worry about gas bottle as it was going to be outside) and lined them up in the fridge. I was lucky enough (only just) that they fit in height wise. I didn't...
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    Post Your Ghetto Gear Thread. The < $2.00 Hopper

    I actually found that whatever brand of baby food SWMBO was buying was a 200ml container that had a flat bottom. I collected a lot of them until the daughter found them thinking they were food and knocked them all down. Now I only have half a dozen left.
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    Show Us Your Brew Cave

    Was thinking the same thing. Was about to say that VB are asking for there brewery back :D
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    Keg Setup $375

    Oops, missed $100 in there somewhere. The wife didn't see this did she :unsure:
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    Show Us Your Brew Cave

    My partner got one made up for me as well as some glasses etched for a tribute our soccer team were having (Winning a few seasons in a row). I think it was fairly expensive but wasn't of good quality. I put it in the washing machine once with the rest of my mats and it didn't survive the...
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    Keg Setup $375

    I was just calculating the price that I paid for my setup (from memory) Fridge (Bar fridge to fit 2 19L kegs) - $20 2 Kegs, 1 Disconnect and Pluto Gun (Special from LHBS) - $150 Gas Bottle and Regulator - $250 (This is the one I can't 100% remember) Beer Line (LHBS) - $15 (I still have heaps...
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    Keg Setup $375

    Not sure if possible or not but are you able to sit another keg where the bottle is on your photo. If you can you could always put 2 kegs in there and run the gas line in from the outside. If not can you sit the gas bottle and regulator there, make it all nice and neat. I really like my 9L keg...
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    Heating For Keggle

    Ended up picking up a couple of hang over the side heating elements. They take a little while to get going but that is a lot of water.
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    Show Us Your Brew Cave

    Mine was that I had boxes and boxes of bottles stored inside in the winter for carbing when a weak bottle exploded. She said to me that there must be a better way and I suggested that I could go down the kegging road if she didn't want me to run that risk. All of a sudden I am a good guy for...
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    Keg Setup $375

    Agree with the bronco taps. I used to have a Pluto gun that i thought looked a lot better. A keg of beer later and one of the drunks dropped it and broke the handle. Was unable to pour beer for the rest of the night. My bronco tap has gone through a hell of a beating and still works perfectly...
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    Omg Amarillo Omg

    Yob, I think he only uses the kits for bittering. He will be hooked now that he has steeped some grains, added some flavouring and aroma hops. Well done to the great sounding beer Brent. Its a slippery slope from here tho.
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    Heating For Keggle

    Thanks guys. I like the idea of the electric being that I will have to brew inside alot mainly due to temperature outside. It was snowing today and the top temperature this summer didnt go over 30C. I should go and find myself a really good immersion element and see how it goes when the keg...
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    Heating For Keggle

    Which do you find better. I only particularily want to go one way with it, whether it be gas or electric but am worried that whatever I buy wont be able to boil the wort in the keggle. I assume if it able to boil the wort it can heat the HLT.
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    Wig And Pen Up For Sale

    Never had the chance to visit the place but always wanted too. Heard they had fantastic beer. Shame it will most likely be purchased by someone that doesn't have the same idea of beer and stick Tooheys and XXXX on tap.