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  1. Sago

    Coopers new release, noobs take the next step!

    Very fortunate to have a LBHS about 10 minures away.I try to go on the weekend as a pneumatic lady called Dee is on.She is a good brewer and gives sound advise with a sense of humour thrown in.
  2. Sago

    Coopers new release, noobs take the next step!

    I reckon it is a great next step for we neophytes.I now do a Stone and Wood style Pacific ale with goodies from Country Brewer home brew shop.My son in law did one and it was a great drop so I followed suit.Cost 43$ and you get the 1.7 kg can,150 g of grain,two packs of galaxy hops and 1 pack of...
  3. Sago

    Woke up to the smell of Beer!

    My first brew after a long layoff saw me suffer the dreaded bottle bombs.I use mainly Crown lager bottles and it was four of these buggers that let go.Cause most likely from using dry enzyme as I am type 2 diabetic.None of the 8 Grolch bottles blew up though.I suited up in my PPE from the RFS...
  4. Sago

    Here I go again.Old is new

    Back to brewing after a couple of years off.My son in law restarted himself so we had an outing to our local HBS for supplies.I still had two fermenters from way back and heaps of crown lager bottles that I prefer to bottle in.SIL bought 30 Pet bottles and new fermenter plus kits etc. The reason...