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    Rain Water Tank Filter

    I think you need to be clear about what you're trying to achieve. If the water smells and tastes good then you shouldn't be getting any untoward effects on your beer. If you're worried about faecal matter (bird or possum shit) then you can get a water test done, specifically for E. Coli. However...
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    High OG

    It's quite possible that you are just getting high efficiencies with the RB. Over many brews I routinely get 83-87% end-of-boil (kettle) efficiencies with both the RB and BIAB 25 and 50 Liters. It's not a problem - quite the contrary - the important thing is to get consistency so you can allow...
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    Used grain for farmers.

    I have two pregnant mares in the paddock. Brew day is a special one for them :D
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    Robobrew V3 vs Guten

    I have had a RB3 for a while now and put half a dozen brews through. No complaints, I've hit my numbers spot on from the first and with the same efficiency as my BIAB (ie pretty high). The screens are all flat :) and it's very easy to clean with a Gerni. I take the point about the automated...
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    Gippy Brewers

    Hmm. I'm also in Sth Gippsland - Wonthaggi/Leongatha area - and do a fair bit of AG, mainly UK ales but also Belgian farmhouse. Would be up for a case swap. How to organise? I gather it's been done before .
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    $25 grain mill motor from bread maker

    I don't want to seem patronising (God knows how guilty I've been in this department) but if you're not completely sure what you're doing with mains power wiring at least get someone who is to check it over - preferably a sparky. 240 volts can be unforgiving and even if it "works" the next person...
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    Production time - 6 1/2 days for Guinness - Min 2 weeks in FV?

    I'm in much the same situation - not enough beer on hand and not a lot of time before people are here. So I've just brewed your Guinness clone partly because of the time factor but also because everyone likes it (a lot) and I was wondering how soon I could reasonably wait before kegging it. No...
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    Production time - 6 1/2 days for Guinness - Min 2 weeks in FV?

    When I was a winemaker I used to do a keg of stout as an addition for events at the winery. Great on hot days for blokes who didn't want to drink white wine. I admit I used extract (Muntons) and SO4 with a fair bit of POR hops. Fastest was brewed on Wednesday, kegged and gassed on Saturday, sold...