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  1. Jabin

    For Sale BNE - 4 SS Brewtech Brew Buckets and 2 fridges

    Hi Patrick, I'm keen on the $100 one, I'm in Geebung so can organise to pick up whenever it suits, Cheers, Jabin
  2. Jabin

    Total Volume Brewed For 2010

    200L this year, been a slow one , I must make up for it next year.
  3. Jabin

    Designed A Brewing Session Log Sheet

    Hey guys, sorry to be reviving an old thread, but I was looking around for a log sheet and came across this, I have modified the log sheet above to better suit my brewing habits (I BIAB, so some of the information wasn't really applicable). Anyway, I'll leave this here in case anyone else...
  4. Jabin

    Samuel Smith's Organic Best Ale

    hey cubbie, this was my first ag adventure, and didn't really turn out like the organic ale unfortunately. I came up with this recipe by plugging numbers into promash to replicate what i thought it should be without a great deal of knowledge. It was not quite on the mark. It wasn't...
  5. Jabin

    What Can I Make With Potatoes?

    Seconded, we tried every propellant you could think of back in the day, and lpg was just awesome! Just don't give it too much, also....for nighttime fun, try jamming one of those glowsticks from a camping shop into the a good green streak through the night air
  6. Jabin

    Introduce Yourself.

    Hi Guys, i figure i should introduce myself, as i have been lurking for quite some time with the odd post here and there. My name is Jabin, i am 27 yrs old and work as an analyst for a steel foundry, although my background is in mathematics. I basically stumbled across this site a while ago in...
  7. Jabin

    A Complete Hacks Belgian Ale

    the recipe was 2kgLME .7kg cane sugar 10g Horizon @ 90 mins 5g Cascade @20 mins t58 yeast pitched at 24 degrees, brought down to 18 degrees in under 6 hours the hops were just what i had in the fridge, so yeah, not really true to style. I sort of scaled the recipe down from JZ's belgian...
  8. Jabin

    A Complete Hacks Belgian Ale

    Hi Guys, i put on a small batch (12L) of what is supposed to be a Belgian ale on tuesday, pitched t58 yeast at 24 degrees, chilled down to 18 in the fridge, has been between 18 and 20 for the last two days. As an aside i hooked up a fridgemate yesterday so temp control won't be too much of an...
  9. Jabin

    Powells Ale Malt

    hi guys, thanks for the replies, just had a bit of a spak attack, my last brew did not turn out as well as i would have liked, due to my dodgy diy recipe, but sounds like it should be all good, i'll post back with the results once she's under way
  10. Jabin

    Powells Ale Malt

    Hi all, just a quick question, i'm about to attempt JZ's american amber ale recipe this weekend, the recipe calls for british pale ale malt, however i have ordered the powell's ale malt, as i managed to convince myself at the time of ordering that the cost of the stuff was pretty good...but now...
  11. Jabin

    Pasta Machine Grain Mill

    Gentlemen, i do not often post, but have found something that might interest a few people. Basically this guy has modified a pasta machine to convert it to a grain mill by texturing the rollers with a drill, the link is below if...
  12. Jabin

    Samuel Smith's Organic Best Ale

    Thanks Stuster, I shall let you know how it turns out!
  13. Jabin

    Samuel Smith's Organic Best Ale

    Alright, so i got this one done Saturday morning, is fermenting away as we speak. Only a minor hiccup during the process, should be cool. I tasted the wort at all stages, although being my first ag i wasn't really sure what i was tasting, but it didn't taste bad, so i'm hoping all will be ok! Is...
  14. Jabin

    Samuel Smith's Organic Best Ale

    Hi Stuster, thanks for the reply. At 65% i'm getting 1.050. I guess i'm looking for a malty beer with a bit of caramel, probably not too hoppy for this one. I picked the yeast to try and introduce a bit of a buttery flavour, although not sure if this will work, but i'm interested to taste the...
  15. Jabin

    Samuel Smith's Organic Best Ale

    rightio, apparently there's not a great deal of interest in the organic best ale, but i'll carry on regardless and try something else B) . I'm about to attempt my first biab hopefully on saturday, provided the grain arrives and all that, i've plugged a couple of numbers into promash and this is...
  16. Jabin

    Samuel Smith's Organic Best Ale

    So after a couple of months i have decided that i am going to try to do an AG using the BIAB method, albeit scaled down for mini batches at the moment. I was hoping to attempt something along the line of samuel smith's organic best ale, but have found practically zero information on the net on...