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    Bentspoke - Barley Griffin Recipe

    Hi Guys, This is one of my favourite beers, and am keen to have a crack at something replicating it. All I've got to go off (from the Bentspoke website) is 4.2%ABV, 18 IBU's and Ekuanot and Mosaic hops. Any thoughts, suggestions, inputs? Cheers, Pete.
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    Extract Recipe Feedback - Balter XPA Style

    Hi Guys, Looking at doing my first unhopped extract recipe soon and thinking of trying a Balter XPA style clone Found this recipe here - which I'm using as a base/starting point but was thinking of changing a couple of things based on what is more...
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    Another home brew twang/sweetness question

    Hi Guys, Long time lurker - first time poster. Let me preface this thread by saying that I've researched countless forums and posts on this information, but obviously have a few questions related to my specific situation. I realise this will be a bit long winded but I think we all know detail...