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  1. mrkitewhitey

    US-05. Is my beer done?

    Hi there, I've had a batch fermenting for 2 weeks now using US05 and wheat extract and canadian blonde tin. Theres no real activity but there's a layer of what looks like krausen on the top of the batch. I've not seen this before. I've sample it, and there's no infection or anything but I'm...
  2. mrkitewhitey

    New blog and podcast from me n my mate, Adam Hills.

    Hey good people, I'm sorry for starting a new thread with this but I just wanted to get it out there that myself and a mate of mine have started a new blog and podcast about Beer, Music and other shit. Some may find it funny, contentious, stupid and informative. This is what we hope anyway...
  3. mrkitewhitey

    Strong Wheat Beer

    Howdy, I'm about to put this one down... what do you all think of it? Thomas Coopers Wheat beer kit 1.5kg Liquid malt wheat extract kit yeast 15g Galaxy steeped for 15 mins and added prior to yeast pitch (alternatively, thinking of dryhopping for last 7 days in secondary. Will this be too...
  4. mrkitewhitey

    Js 150 Lashes Pale Ale

    Howdy people... Nice day for it! :) Umm... I absolutely LOVE the JS 150 lashes Pale Ale...... Anyone got any suggestions for Hop Additions/other adjuncts to try to get close to this one using a KnK base? Off the top of my head I'm thinking this: Coopers Pale Ale goo BE2 or Coopers Amber...
  5. mrkitewhitey


    Sorry, this is just something that amused me and pleased my wife... sooo.. Just did a quick count and calculation.... so far I have built up a stockpile of homebrews for summer and have approx 220 Longnecks of varying flavours at varying stages of conditioning. This equates to approximately 22...
  6. mrkitewhitey

    Don't Wanna Bottle Too Early

    Howdy all, Just a question about US-05. Last time I used it the same thing happened and in hindsight, I think it may have been stalled therefore throwing out consistent hydro readings... Umm, the beer has a layer of what looks like Cold break floating on the top... there is no activity and the...
  7. mrkitewhitey

    Thoughts On This Recipe?

    Hey Guys, Just wondering if you think this will work.... I'm after a creamy head w nice aromas... 1 can Aust Pale Ale (coopers) 1 kg BE2 500g LDM 2 x 12g teabags Cascade (1 dry hopped) 1 x 12 g bag Nelson Sauvin... Kit Yeast Kinda Fat Yakish, but wanting it to be a bit less in ya face...
  8. mrkitewhitey

    More Time In The Bottle

    Hey guys, I bottled my first Coopers IPA back on 30th April so It has been a few weeks now but it still tastes very green. I guess it's a colder weather thing that it'll take longer than normal to condition up in the bottle? Is this moreso with the IPA or will it be the case will most brews...
  9. mrkitewhitey

    Easy Abv Calculator I Found

    Hi All, I apologise if this is not important, but I searched for one on here and couldn't find one so I thought I'd post a link to this easy one I found. I apologise if this has been duplicated a zillion times before. :) Fat Yak clone going down this...
  10. mrkitewhitey

    Addition Of Raw Sugar?

    Hi there I'm very new to the whole homebrew thing but am wanting to try something and need some feedback please. I'm doing a kit coopers real ale and using BE 1 but want to add 500g raw sugar to the mix. Any opinions on what effect this will have on the end result? Increased alcohol volume and...