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  1. AJS2154

    I went for a beer at Aether Brewing in Brissie last week

    Great Pilsner, good balance of Saaz hops. And a nice Saison. The IPA was Ok, but I am not really a hop head. I was staying just 3 doors up the road, and when the cab poulled up the front I convenient, hope they have a pilsner on tap. Dropped my bag in to the room and straight...
  2. AJS2154

    Do you think I yeast from my blow off tube?

    Hello All, I use a 23 litre cornie style keg as a fermenter. Sometimes when I ferment a brew the yeast expands out of the top of the keg via the blow off tube and settles in the bottle that has a phosphoric acid solution. Today I looked at the contents of the bottle and saw about 10-15mm of...
  3. AJS2154

    Australia's most obnoxious sports commentator

    I was flicking through the channels this morning and stumbled across a special episode of Wide World of Sports. Appearing on the show, of course, was Ian Chappell. It got me to thinking......has there ever been a more obnoxious, less likable sports presenter than Ian Chappell? For me the answer...
  4. AJS2154

    Suggestions for footie club brew(s)

    Hello all, I am participating in a brew-up for my son's local rugby club. I am contributing a couple of kegs to the boys for a social function (no charge of course!). I am open to suggestions. I am a big fan of wheat beers and would make one of those in preference, but my bloke said the boys...
  5. AJS2154

    Yeast in Feral Sly Fox bottles

    All, I saw a post on the forum about Feral Sly Fox being on special at Dan Murphys. I thought I would mozie on down for a sample. When I was rinsing the very quickly emptied bottles out I noticed there was, I think, yeast in the bottle. From this I assume they bottle condition this beer. They...
  6. AJS2154

    What would happen if.......?

    Ok, not sure if this question should be in the all grain forum, the partials or even extract but here goes.... What would happen if I mash and boil say 25 litres of pale ale, as always. I would then pass it through my plate chiller and split the wort into 2 half batches of 12.5 litres. Each...
  7. AJS2154

    Brendon McCullum. A credit to NZ, Steve Smith.....well

    I am a very proud Australian, and a keen sports follower. I would like to compliment Brendon McCullum on a career played in the right spirit, and played hard. McCullum represents all the good things about NZ, as do in my estimation, the All Blacks. I look at both the NZ cricket and rugby teams...
  8. AJS2154

    Is it too late in the season to take cuttings?

    I have a first year (grown from rhizome) cascade plant growing like crazy in my back yard. I was speaking with a mate of mine about the plant and thought I could take a cutting from it. Is January too late to be taking a cutting? I have potting mix, rooting powder etc, just not sure if it would...
  9. AJS2154

    Our national sport is being played now!

    Just a shout out to all the Aussie based Kiwis who were crowing about the rugby. Australia's national sport is being played All the kiwis have gone quiet. How are you enjoying the test, guys? Oh, that's don't really follow cricket....unless it is NZ against the...
  10. AJS2154

    What hops are in White Rabbit Dark Ale?

    Hello all. I have a new love in my life.......dark beer of all descriptions, but especially dark lagers. With summer on its way, I thought I might turn my attention from lagers to dark ales. I was in Brissie this week and sampled the WRDA from a few different pubs. To be honest, the beer lacks...
  11. AJS2154

    Hello from new brewer in Castle Hill, Sydney

    Hello all, My name is Anthony, I live at Castle Hill in Sydney's north west. I was once a very active home brewer who essentially stopped because I had a busy job... and children came along. It became much easier to buy the occasional carton. Of the 3 children I have been blessed to have, one...