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  1. theSeekerr

    Pass-through shanks

    Anyone know where I can buy a few pass-through shanks , like this one? Flat on both ends and fully threaded with no faucet crown? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0064OJZ4I/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20 Looking for a neat solution for putting some gas posts on the front of a keezer, these would be...
  2. theSeekerr

    Adjustment key for BOC "Preset" Hospitality Regulator

    So, I picked up a BOC 801330 Preset Hospitality Dual Regulator cheap on GraysOnline. They're intended for postmix dispensing. You can find some specs and a photo in here: http://www.boc-gas.com.au/internet.lg.lg.aus/en/images/24659%20Beverage%20Dispensing%20brochure_FA_LR351_93026.pdf?v=1.0 It...