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  1. Ross

    Chemical off taste

    In 3 brews & one was just a simple can. It sounds to me like a wild yeast infection, but it is really just speculation, as peoples descriptions of the same off flavour can & do vary considerably. Even something that looks glaringly wrong in the process, is still going to be speculation without...
  2. Ross

    Chemical off taste

    Tim, impossible really for anyone to advise from an online description, other than pure speculation. If you have a decent local homebrew store or are a member of a brewclub, take a sample for them to try & advise. We'll happily help you down at CraftBrewer, or if the hours don't suit, pop into...
  3. Ross

    Dodgy email supposedly from CraftBrewer - beware

    Our old site was hacked & passwords compromised. Every customer was emailed & warned plus we had a permanent warning in large red text on the front page of our website. With the new website & platform, we did not migrate any customers over, to make sure there was a completely fresh start. We...
  4. Ross

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    For good pouring, you do not want the diameter of your flow path increasing from keg to tap, as it will likely result in Cavitation & foaming. You want consistent diameter or narrowing towards the tap for the best pour.
  5. Ross


    Brewers - We have our new site about to go live. We wanted to do a bit more testing before going live, but continued problems with the old antiquated site have forced our hand to go live early. It's been a nightmare couple of years for us since the ransomware attack on our site. We lost all our...
  6. Ross

    How do people fill their 19L Asahi commercial kegs?

    I have no issues with one way pet kegs being re purposed. I was referring to the opening post where the brewer had obtained 19L Ashai kegs. These are owned by the brewery & keeping them is theft, pure & simple
  7. Ross

    Thinking of ditching hop socks

    I doubt using the hop spider or not would have made any appreciable difference. The question is, how aromatic were the home grown hops in the first place, what variety were they & how much lupulin did they contain? You'll only get out what you put in...
  8. Ross

    How do people fill their 19L Asahi commercial kegs?

    Citraman1 & others - Probably won't be popular advice on here, but how about you stop using kegs that are not legally yours & buy your own cornys. Seriously, you can buy a second-hand corny for less money than an S type coupler & not have any of the dramas regarding cleaning them etc...
  9. Ross

    Inkbird Giveaway! Open to All!

    Got to be in it, to win it :-)
  10. Ross

    Hop Dealz Australia

    Seriously, all the best in your new endeavours...
  11. Ross

    Hop Dealz Australia

    ...half price craft beer, you'll be the talk of the town in no time ;-)
  12. Ross

    2017 Pellets

    I think you'll find all the major retailers try & stock new season crops asap. We certainly do at www.craftbrewer.com.au Cheers Ross
  13. Ross

    Braumeister 50L for sale - well loved

    Wow!!! Great buy for someone...
  14. Ross

    Beerkat - Kegs & Growlers

    Well sorry, that isn't quite true - you didn't call us. We are Bacchus Brewing Co & we have never filled S/S growlers, our licensing set-up doesn't currently allow it (though we are working on it). It's hard enough already with people turning up & being dissapointed when we won't fill, it...
  15. Ross

    Beerkat - Kegs & Growlers

    Unfortunately it doesn't look like they've asked the venues if they'll fill them. So I'd advise checking first to avoid disappointment.
  16. Ross

    I doubt it's low ph. I'd be looking for another cause, as you don't want it repeating in the...

    I doubt it's low ph. I'd be looking for another cause, as you don't want it repeating in the next brew.
  17. Ross

    Mid Strength Craft Beer - Can You Dig It?

    We have & it's a cracker... Usually 3.0% the current batch crept up to 3.2% https://bbrewing.myshopify.com/collections/dark-ales/products/bot723
  18. Ross


    We certainly do brew a Peanut Butter & Jelly Beer. Some of the most amazing specialty beers in the Country (if I say so myself) & only $10 FLAT RATE Postage AUSTRALIA WIDE (including Tassie) for up to 9 x 500ml bottles. http://www.bacchusbr...alty-beer-cider
  19. Ross

    S-189 finally being rolled out in 11.5g packs

    Bribie, 12c is the idea temp for this yeast, if you drop below 9c it's likely to stall.
  20. Ross

    Craftbrewer Stock Update: Mashmaster Mill Hoppers

    Apologies Dan, we are checking every box now to make sure it doesn't happen again. Nuts & bolts are all sealed in 1 packet, so an error from the manufacturer.