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    Hi all. New to kegging here. Just wanting to know once you transfer the wort into the keg, can you let it sit in there until you are ready to charge it with CO2 or should you charge it straight away? Thanks in advance, Shane.
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    Mash times and temps

    I will be brewing an American pale ale and a Irish red ale with a grainfather and not real sure on mash steps in regards as to what temperatures to set and for how long. Thanks in advance
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    Why is my gravity high?

    Hi, just wanting to know why my gravity is high. The expected OG was meant to be around 1.054 and mine was 1.065 and the FG was meant to be around 1.012 and mine is 1.036, what has happened and what can I do about it? New to all grain brewing and advice would be much appreciated.