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  1. Gregos

    How Much Did You Brew In 2017

    851 litres a 37 x 23 l batches, just a bit short on last years effort.all consumed in my neighborhood Having a son just come back from University in Minnesota USA, with a renewed taste of IPA's and other Ales is going to put pressure on my supplies in 2018. on a positive note he is real keen to...
  2. Gregos

    Glycol chiller for sale

    Pls send pic of serial no. plate etc
  3. Gregos

    Finally after Home brewing for 30 years my wife will now help on brew day , I go shopping she...

    Finally after Home brewing for 30 years my wife will now help on brew day , I go shopping she does the hop additions and whirl pool.
  4. Gregos

    Wanted to buy - grainfather

    I have 2 mates that bought the Robobrew ,and after seeing my GF in action are disappointed they didn't pay the extra $ for the Grainfather, It was all about build quality and reliability nothing else. No affiliation to Grainfather or Imake, just a happy customer for 3 years owning one Gregos
  5. Gregos


    Check to see if the valve is screwed up tight also
  6. Gregos

    Non Alcohoic Ginger Beer

    Hi Hobospy, No mate nothing forthcoming, still on the to do list tho Cheers Gregos
  7. Gregos

    No chill aeration

    Hi Monto, What temp are you doing this at? pitching temp I hope. Gregos
  8. Gregos

    Mash Master Mill Master Mini mill Bulk Buy.

    Yep I just checked mine and is the same as you drive roller knurled still works great with the other being fluted.
  9. Gregos

    Hefeweizen question

    Thanks Matplat I'll give it a go this weekend, what is your preferred yeast?
  10. Gregos

    Hefeweizen question

    Have you guys got a good Hefe recipes?, I'm looking to make my first one ever.
  11. Gregos

    Mash Master Mill Master Mini mill Bulk Buy.

    Hey Brad , how did you get on? I'm thinking the same as you replacing the knurled rolled with another fluted
  12. Gregos

    Continuing Jokes Thread

    What's Black & Tan and looks good on a burgler?...............My German Shepard
  13. Gregos

    Tropical White IPA (NZ)

    Do you chill or no chill?
  14. Gregos

    First no chill SMaSh

    Hi Ronix81, My normal no chill goes like this, Boil for 90 mins Add Bittering hops at 45 mins or 30mins,if doing a Pale Ale aim for 20-30 ibu's, the rest of the hops go straight into the cube, Add whirfloc tablet 10mins before end of boil, flame out and let sit for 10 mins, then do a big...
  15. Gregos

    New Glass Bottles

    I Bought some 600ml bottle from them a few years back, they do the job,
  16. Gregos

    Feedback on NZ Hops

    Nelson Sav, Wai iti,Motueka and Riwaka are my favourites,