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  1. mondestrunken

    Help needed: esky mash tun

    Please help. I'm trying to get the right connections to make an esky mash tun. I have both ends (internal/external) covered. 15mm ID threaded pipe connects the inside and outside, hole drilled, but I'm wondering how to make it properly watertight? Plans I've seen have one each of rubber &...
  2. mondestrunken


    Just wondering what people put in their fermentation fridge freezers? Fridge is currently set at fermentation temperature with a controller and a dubbel happily bubbling away but I have nothing in the freezer section. Seems like a waste of BTUs, no?
  3. mondestrunken

    Chrome plating

    Hi everyone. I'm in the process of expanding/upgrading the homebrewery, and my first job is an esky mash tun. I bought a few different fittings which as far as I can tell are chrome plated brass. Is there any issue with chrome plating? My go-to resource on metallurgy is Palmer's "Home to...
  4. mondestrunken

    We are being ripped off

    A recent trip to Northern Europe highlighted how expensive beer is in this country. A couple of examples: A small, independent Belgian brewery: 6-pack of mixed (i.e. triple/dubbel/brune) bottles of 6-7% beer for 11 euros ~ $16. 6-pack of leffe blonde in australia = $30 (sure there's...
  5. mondestrunken

    Supporting fermentors in a fridge

    I'm the lucky owner of a new-secondhand fridge and I'm just wondering what is the best way to support 20-25kg (hopefully more) of weight in a fridge, what with the unfortunate and inconvienent ledge at the back? Obviously the racks are insufficient to handle any serious weight. What do you...
  6. mondestrunken

    Wheat starch?

    Hi all. Just reading "Brew Like a Monk". There a few references to wheat starch, especially for the Chimay recipes. To be honest I'm not sure what that is. My initial thought was basic flour but who puts that in a mash? Alternatively it would be something like cornflour but that just seems...
  7. mondestrunken

    Red Alert

    Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone has any hot tips on how to maximise the red colour in a beer? From my reading (e.g. "Designing Great Beers") it sounds like, in theory, for a given SRM value you can adjust the yellow/red ratio. I tend to end up with either a yellow, brown or black beer...
  8. mondestrunken

    Article on the chemistry of bread and "bread"

    OK this is very much over my head but some of you may get a thrill from an article on the chemistry of bread that I just came across.
  9. mondestrunken

    Tardif de Bourgogne

    I just picked up a rhizome from LHBS of this French variety I've never heard of. USDA Hopslist There doesn't seem to be too much information on this, all I can find out it's a low-alpha European-style aroma hop. Anyone had any experience with this one?
  10. mondestrunken

    Lager yeast starter - temperature

    Quick question. Is it good to go high 18-20, and build up the numbers or go slow, 5-10? I'm just wondering if the ester production in a starter would influence the taste later on?
  11. mondestrunken

    ppg for pumpkin

    Hi all. Well it's that time of year, and I'm thinking of doing a pumpkin porter to use up some pumpkins that I've just harvested. Does anyone have any ideas of how much sugar to expect per kg of pumpkin? Any pumpkin ale recipes I have are extract based, and I can't work out how much ppg/yield...
  12. mondestrunken

    Best $$$ You've Spent

    I've slowly been upgrading my set-up over the last year or so. I've noticed that some purchases practically revolutionise, while others just add incrementally to, brewing quality. So, what is the best purchase you've made? What do you wish you'd bought a long time ago? For me, $0-10: any...
  13. mondestrunken

    Quantities For Aroma & Flavour Hopping

    Hi all. One thing I've been wondering recently in terms of recipe design is how to calculate the quantities required for late hop additions. Obviously the whole alpha acid, IBU, boil time thing is one issue, for which there are a whole heap of tables and calculators. But in the whole it's...
  14. mondestrunken

    Hard To Buy, Good To Brew

    I'm looking for new brew ideas, so I've got a question. What's your favourite style to brew that is hard, impossible, or just too expensive to buy commercially? So, for example, APAs are pretty common-place these days. You might be able to brew one better than those that you can buy and/or you...