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  1. mondestrunken

    Help needed: esky mash tun

    Update on this if anyone's interested... I finally got to use my esky mash tun for the first time this morning, mashed 6kg to 70% efficiency. I was planning a Helles Bock but I ended up deciding bugger it I'll dilute down to a standard gravity and have more beer! The setup is: 25L Willow esky...
  2. mondestrunken

    Help needed: esky mash tun

    I happen to have a 1000L esky :p.
  3. mondestrunken

    Help needed: esky mash tun

    Thanks everyone. I've been working on this project each time that I have 10 minutes spare on the weekend, and so far it has taken 6 months. Not sure what this is? I got me some Selley's Knead-It after searching AHB for suitable food-grade silicone sealant. Apparently this stuff is rated for...
  4. mondestrunken

    Help needed: esky mash tun

    Please help. I'm trying to get the right connections to make an esky mash tun. I have both ends (internal/external) covered. 15mm ID threaded pipe connects the inside and outside, hole drilled, but I'm wondering how to make it properly watertight? Plans I've seen have one each of rubber &...
  5. mondestrunken

    Wanted - Jack Hammer glass

    Those Spiegelau glasses are certainly exxy. But I got a couple of wheats, which, even though are challenging to fill at 1/2 litre each, are a joy to drink out of.
  6. mondestrunken

    No Topic Thread

    What these Europeans need to realise is that when the mercury hits 40 no-one in Australia plays tennis, we drink beer on the lounge and watch others play it.
  7. mondestrunken

    Partial BIAB - noob question warning

    The process sounds good and should work, but... I'd recommend more head space in the stock pot than 1L. Once you hit the boil there'll be heaps of foam and will likely boil over onto your stove. One alternative to consider, if you can, is moving it outside onto a gas burner. Boil over? no problems.
  8. mondestrunken

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave!
  9. mondestrunken

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    Was going to complain about a couple of things but I'll just channel flight of the conchords: Too many motheruckers ucking with my shi.
  10. mondestrunken

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    +1. The 'story' of Fury Road is cars drive around in the desert and shit gets blown up. If that's the expectations you went in with, it was actually pretty good. As for Star Wars, I sensibly gave up on it after Episode 1.
  11. mondestrunken

    Hi there downunder from Germany!

    Hi Matthias. No worries, your English is much better than most of ours here. Please provide more details!
  12. mondestrunken

    ebay and gum tree finds

    Wow! Hardly a "brewing procedure" if that's what it is.
  13. mondestrunken

    Put on a keg at local club

    Yes, the ATO has pretty powerful data matching capabilities. How do you think 99% of your tax return is already filled out for you these days? Good job that none of us here are advocating any illegal activities.
  14. mondestrunken

    Chilli! All Things Chillies.

    sounds awesome!
  15. mondestrunken

    Has mash ph been an improvement for you?

    What about pH indicator strips? Last time I checked they were like 20c each, much cheaper than a pH meter. Also, water adjustment suggestions on a national forum are fraught as there are so many conflicting goals.
  16. mondestrunken

    2018 Hop Plantations

    Goddamn possum or mouse or something ate all the leaves off my hops last night. I mean, what is the point of eating the leaves?
  17. mondestrunken

    With many 'foreign' beers now brewed in Australia, is it time for clearer labels?

    I don't know, you could take it too far... technically pale ale historically was not particularly pale, just anything that wasn't black.
  18. mondestrunken

    First mead

    Ageing mead is generally a good idea. Young mead tends to give shocking hangovers. Or maybe it's just me... Drinking anything with fermented honey gives me an unbelievably painful hangover faceache as opposed to a regular hangover headache from drinking comparable quantities of beer. Anyway...
  19. mondestrunken

    With many 'foreign' beers now brewed in Australia, is it time for clearer labels?

    To my mind, it's hard to tell whether they're better or worse since I honestly don't recall every seeing, let alone drinking, a Fosters in Australia... but yes they all over the UK supermarkets like a bad rash.