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  1. Kev R

    Let's Freeze Some Yeast

    Hi Quick questions. Where do you get the little test tubes with lids to freeze yeast? Are the tubs and lids safe in a pressure cooker? Is glycerine sterile straight out of the bottle? Thanks Kev
  2. Kev R


    What yeast do you use that is kind to the hops? Refractometer's are only accurate until fermentation starts without a conversion table. The alcohol throws them off.
  3. Kev R

    magnets inside fermenter - Neodymium no good?

    304 SS is a little magnetic, SS rulers are are very magnetic, you could buy a cheapy and cut it up?
  4. Kev R

    Cleaning Glasses

    Same as WEL. Give a good rinse after use. I then put them aside till I have 5 ore 6 then wash in hot perc. 2 rinses in clean hot water, good to go. I find supermarket products contain wetting agents to stop water marks on clean glass. This destroys surface tension and the head retention.
  5. Kev R


    I to have mine integrated with brew father. Only used it twice so far. The anomaly's don't bother me as they are just a hiccup. I do however have issues with accuracy. My 1.050 SG (hydrometer). The Tilt only showed 1.035. Changed the reading in settings. Took a sample at about day 3 and the...
  6. Kev R

    New to the site.

    A good place to start would be to have a look at the free online book "John Palmer How to Brew" at howtobrew.com John describes processes from Kit and kilo, partial mash and all grain as well as explaining the process and equipment. You can buy the latest in electric or book form but the...
  7. Kev R


    If after 36 hours it is kind of pointless taking a sample to find opening gravity. At that stage I have a nice healthy krausen and the brew has probably dropped 10 points. You need to take a sample before or just after you pitch your yeast. The best will be an estimate from the recipe, like...
  8. Kev R

    BrewDogs Pawternity leave

    The "pawternity leave" scheme is available to staff at BrewDog's Brisbane brewery, which opened late November, company spokesman Calvin McDonald said. "Pawternity leave is a great benefit that BrewDog can offer its employees worldwide," he said. "Basically it's an extra paid week of leave that...
  9. Kev R

    Beersmith question

    Try Brewfather unless you need to link to a Tilt ect you can use the free version. A lot easier to use. Haven't opened my Beersmith for ages.
  10. Kev R

    Tilt owners you happy with it ?

    I had the same problem with a old Samsung tablet. I downloaded an app called "do not sleep" from google play. I have to leave it plugged in with the screen brightness turned down(or it uses power faster than it can charge.)
  11. Kev R

    Tilt owners you happy with it ?

    Hi Used my Tilt for the first time. Happy to confirm temp is staying constant with the set temp in the ferment fridge (stc 1000). Did have an issue with muck from the kraeusen building up on top effectively making it top heavy and giving a incorrect gravity. I had to draw a sample,and offset...
  12. Kev R

    Super Rats!

    :question: At least they will be clean rats
  13. Kev R

    Super Rats!

    I have had rats or mice chew right around the lid of a 20lt plastic pale. Lid came completely off. I now store my grain in gal steal garbage tins. Spec grains in a old non working fridge.
  14. Kev R

    Hi all im new here and have a larger issue.

    need lots of yeast for lager 1 pt probably not enough with out a big starter!! Might take a wile
  15. Kev R

    How long does it take for a yeast starter to do it's thing?

    I checked the gravity on one at 24hours because i thought the yeast was no good. Turned out it was done. I do 2lt starters at 1.035. Not had one go past 48 hours(ale). Turn of the stir plate if it starts to settle I consider it done.
  16. Kev R


    Welcome aboard, lots of info here.Read up the posts on cleaning,sanitizing. Also important, temp control of the fermentation and the effect of temp on the yeast. The recommendations for fermentation temps in the kits is usually way to hot.
  17. Kev R

    Stir plate stirrer bar

    Just make sure you tip it AWAY from you. When I used the word erupted it was somewhat of a under statement, over half a 2 lt starter ejected instantly.
  18. Kev R

    Stir plate stirrer bar

    I leave mine in from the start. It can handle boil temp no problem . I did in the past drop it in 10 min from the end of the boil. Be aware that the stir bar can create new sites to re start the boil. The last time , and I mean the last time I added a stir bar to a hot starter in a flask it...
  19. Kev R

    Little white Keg King inline regulators

    The main dif i found between the in line regs and the spunding valves that vent to atmosphere, is that in the in line reg/spunding valve i can put the exhorts tube in a jar of starsan ect and see when the valve is releasing and thus set the pressure. Very slight releasing with the vent to...