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    Brew gear Geelong

    Cool, Keg and OTS sold to Jordie_tackles
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    Brew gear Geelong

    For Sale - All in working order. PICKUP ONLY, Geelong. PM me if interested Gas Bottle 6.8kg MykegonLegs - $150 Esky Jockey Box, inc tap and liquid disconnect, hinge on esky lid broken - $100 SOLD BIAB 50l Keg, w ball valve tap and glass lid. Used this many times for BIAB (OTS not...
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    Country Trading Store All Grain Kits

    I too buy my grain from their store, quality has never been a problem. I wouldn't think the kits would be any different.
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    Hilary or Donald

    Hillary is easily the most corrupt politician seen in many decades. The shadows hanging over her were way too much for many voters. Yet MSM and her plethora of financial backers did everything in its power to get her over the line. Trump on the other hand won the presidency when the whole...
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    No fermentation- Nottingham?

    All good mozz, I've experienced the exact same thing when using nottingham. in comparison to say us-05, there is very little krausen, if any.
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    Dedicated Brew In A Bag (BIAB) Guide, Problems & Solution Thread

    Risk = 0 I converted a keg about a month ago. 3 brews later and wish I did it earlier. Cleaning is a non issue, as you'll be cutting a whole in the top, there is nothing restricting you cleaning the inside.
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    Aldi specials

    Are you guys talking about the Barons? I thought these guys went bust...
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    Steeping and Mashing

    Same here lol
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    Trying my first Mini BIAB

    As for the recipe questions. There is nothing wrong about going either way with mash/boil times. It will turn out fine. Whichever you do, you can always change it up next time :-) .
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    Trying my first Mini BIAB

    Yeah you can fit the 3kg grain in 15l pot. I've done it before. You will probably have water ratio of 3L per kg grain. That will take u close to capacity. Go for it
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    First BIAB pot

    If you are only "thinking of trying out BIAB", Go get 19L Big W stock pot = $19. It is easy to do mash/boil on the stove top with this. I have been using this to do partials, 3-4kg grain mash + ldme to make it up to 23 litres. Its a good (cheap) stepping stone to getting the full on setup.
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    Beer and checked luggage.

    Safer option I'd assume is to take them with your carry on
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    Kit chocolate stout

    Hope it turns out good! Did you pitch both the satchets of s04? Or just one?
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    Kit chocolate stout

    Hi damon, I've never done a choc stout before. But have been planning one for my next brew. So i am glad i found this thread :D My idea was very similar to yours...differences being Use less choc malt, add in some roast barley and lactose and sub the dark DME for Light DME. And I've...
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    Cascade Cans @ Coles

    Thats good to hear. I myself did kit 1.7 500gm ldme 700gm dex 150gm maltodex hallertaue @ 10 minutes saaz @ 0 minutes Will dry hop in secondary with hallertaue (its still in primary) Will report back how it goes :icon_cheers:
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    Cascade Cans @ Coles

    Anyone had any experiences on the Golden harvest? I just last week threw one in the fermentor. Didn't use kit yeast though. Us-05.
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    Yeast Question

    hmm...not sure what you meant by that...I bought from craftbrewer not my lhbs. As stated above. Package was only in the letterbox for about 20 minutes...and the brew has started fermenting nicely! So all appears good. :D I had just never seen the yeast clump together at the time of...
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    Yeast Question

    Thanks for the quick replies. Yeast was well within use by date. Bought from craftbrewer last week. I am just hoping the melbourne heatwave temperatures didn't affect it while it was in auspost transit....
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    Yeast Question

    Hi guys, Got a quick question. Just threw together a lager. And when i sprinkled the yeast in the wort (us-05) it went all clumpy. Does this mean the yeast is bad and/or will it affect fermentation? Anyone else experienced this? I threw it in and then gave it a stir with the spoon...
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    Gas/regulators And Fittings

    Bit off the topic....but does anyone have a good method of removing the beer line from the disconnects and reg. Or is it easier to just cut it off. Reason is I am moving house and have to dissassemble my setup for the relocation. ;(