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    50l Boiler For Sale

    Ok now that this is the only thing left I thought Id make a topic of it. This is the standard cut top off keg setup (you know the kind) This has been professionally done with a tap at the base. All for the bargain price of $40. Pick up Bassendean area. A few people have asked about shipping it...
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    Complete All Grain Setup

    Unfortunately the sell of on a collective basis didnt work, but a lot of people have expressed interest in the individual items. I can supply photos if you pm me with your email address. I will accept close offers and discount if you buy a good chunk of gear. Plus will throw some miscellaneous...
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    Complete All Grain Setup

    Ok Im heading off overseas and there is no way that I can take my brewing gear with me so unfortunately I have to sell it. Im going to try initially to sell this as a complete set first (easy to get rid of in one hit). If it doesnt sell I will then split it up. This would be perfect if you want...
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    Purchasing Commercial Beer In Kegs

    Hi all I live in perth wa and am getting married january next year. I was looking at getting kegs of my favourite beers Little creatures etc and a few megaswill for those with no taste buds. Where can I get kegs from, I contacted little creatures and they had kegs for $65 for 12 L which I...
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    Tap A Draft Keg System

    Hi Im looking to see if anyone has experiences with the Tap A Draft keg system. Being a uni student and supplying grog to my friends I need a viable way to take it to parties. The tap O draft system with the cooler thingy seems like a pretty good way to take grog to parties and also to fit in...