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    I read about a new bottle shop focused on boutique beer and wine that's popped up in Brissie. According to the Courier Mail it's been open for about a month at 196 Musgrave Road, Red Hill. I haven't seen anything about this place but it would be nice to have a Nectar-like shop again. Anyone...
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    Soaking Raspberries In Vodka?

    I currently have an oatmeal stout fermenting away that I intend to rack onto some raspberries. I've been doing a bit of research into what prep I should do before adding the berries as far as sterilising and preserving the flavours. The threads here on AHB have definitely been helpful but there...
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    Smoked Rye Porter Recipe

    I've been planning to do a smoked rye porter for the better part of a year and have finally found myself in a position to do it. After reading around on AHB I have most of a recipe in mind but I'd definitely appreciate any wisdom that some of the more experienced brewers could offer. Here's what...
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    Underbelly I went along to the launch on Friday night to scope out Brissie's latest beer offering. It's a small joint but comfortably furnished with couches and a few pool tables. More important, a good range on taps including Bacchus Zythos IPA, Amber and QLD...
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    Keggerator/cold Room And here I am messing around with a brew fridge when I could have my very own mini bottleshop.
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    Converting A Kit Into All Grain?

    I've been brewing a ginger beer for a few years now that I'm fairly happy with. It's involved using a Morgan's ginger beer kit as a base, then boiling up some raw ginger and other ingredients to add to the fermenter. I'm considering entering this beer into a competition but it has to be an all...
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    Survived The First Mash

    So after trawling these and other forums, reading books and going along to my local brewing club I finally put down my first BIAB mash yesterday. Whilst I was fairly sure I was on top of everything I didn't really expect things to go down without a few hiccups. #1: Everything worked perfectly...
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    Looking For A Beer Fridge [brisbane]

    Hi all, I'm looking for a fridge to hold my fermenter as the summers up here in Brissie are not kind to fermenting yeasts. If anyone has a fridge they're willing to sell that would fit the pictured fermenter then let me know here or via PM...
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    Apparent Beer Doesn't Age Well?

    Let's drink to that! Experts finally reveal the scret of fresher beer I don't really know much about the chemical reactions in a brew but this article doesn't seem too well informed to me.
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    Need A Fermenting Fridge

    For the last few years I've been able to do my fermenting inside an insulated cellar that never got above 24C. Unfortunately the Brisbane summer disapproves of my brewing endeavours and now the cellar seems to regularly get over 27C. This leads me to thinking I should get a fridge for my...
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    Dieu Du Ciel

    As many of us know the imports of Unibroue beers have ceased for the forseeable future which obviouosly leaves a terrible void in certain bottle shops when it comes to tasty French-Canadian beers. Nectar in Brissie recently held a tasting night to introduce another Canadian brewery that the...
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    Archive Beer Boutique (brisbane)

    I recieved an email from Little Creatures last week with some interesting info for us Brissie residents: I haven't been able to find any info besides this: Has anyone else heard of this...