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  1. mesa99

    Free Fridge

    Free Fridge. Nuff said. Tis fairly old, obviously. I've two other fridges, so don't need this one. Ballarat, pickup only.
  2. mesa99

    AHB Articles: 2011 AHB Vic Christmas Case Swap

    This is the discussion topic for article: 2011 AHB Vic Christmas Case Swap
  3. mesa99

    Ballarat Beer Festival

    Just came across this Beer Festival in Ballarat. Couldn't find another thread for it so started this one. Safe to say, I reckon that a contingent from Ballarat And Region (B.A.R) Brewers will be in attendance. I'm excited :kooi:
  4. mesa99

    Caledonian Deuchars Ipa

    It's a shame Deuchars IPA isn't imported to Aus because it's a bloody good IPA brewed in Edinburgh. I'm trying to create my own localised version of a Deuchars IPA Clone using ingredients I know I can get / understand. I'm fairly new to AG and the Brewing Recipe planners so I thought I'd post...
  5. mesa99

    Meet Ups?

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the area, do the B.A.R guys meet up much? What's the goings on?